Last month I showed off a few photos from Cinco’s early days. It is only fair that this month I give Manna a turn! I still didn’t have a camera of my own when Manna came into my life, but I did get a handful of really wonderful photos of her as a baby. It’s hard to believe that she is 7 years old already!

My Little Manna

For those who don’t know it, I have had Manna since she was about 3 weeks old. You can read the story of how we found each other here. She only weighed a couple of ounces and fit in the palm of my hand (which was her favorite napping spot)! This little one enjoyed being carried around.

Throwback Manna sleeping

Baby Manna says “ZZzzzzzzzzzzz….”

It is amazing how much kittens eat! Since Manna was so young when we got her, we had to feed her kitten formula and the veterinarian told us to offer her some little bits of softened kitten kibble too. I gave her a wet food option too just to see which she would eat. Her favorite was the kitten formula. She never needed or wanted to be bottle fed, she preferred lapping it up off a plate. Meal time was always a big ordeal because she would climb into the plates (which were dessert plates) and get kitten milk all over herself. I look back on that fondly now.

Throwback Manna food choices

Decisions, decisions…..

A Ton of Purrrsonality!

Manna actually wasn’t that different back then, she was just smaller. This little kitty is/was nothing but curiosity and attitude! Manna left no corner unexplored in our apartment. Everything had to be Manna approved. She was the boss as soon as she stepped a paw in that door.

Throwback Manna in Box

This box was Manna approved, so we let it stay.

Manna also has a very fearless, playful side. I thought she would grow out of it, but she never did. She loves to play with anyone and anything. It always amazed me at how she would “pick fights” with things that were so much larger than her. When Manna first joined our family, Cinco was about a year and a half old and weighed around 10 lbs and she attacked him like he was tiny. She was only about 1 pound when I started letting them play!

Throwback Manna with ball

Baby Manna didn’t let this “big” pink ball push her around.

A Beautiful Furmily

Speaking of Cinco, Manna was totally in love with him at first sight. She was very happy to have a big brofur. I think that he was at least a little happy to have another kitty in the apartment too. Manna followed him around everywhere he went at first. She can owe a lot of the kitty skills she knows to his example. It’s not easy for a human to teach a cat how to be a cat! I’m glad I had Cinco to help.

Throwback Manna with Cinco

Manna (left) at a few months old having a social grooming session with Cinco.

Do your cats still act the same way they did when they were kittens?