Sometimes my kitties really amaze me. Cats are a lot smarter than they get credit for. Cinco is my super shy, but super curious kitty. He opens all of the cabinets and doors in my apartment regularly. He’s a very smart guy.

This past week I had a really good play session with Cinco and Manna. They really seemed to have a blast. During a little break I grabbed the camera and decided to get a few photos of my tired kitties. Manna was sprawled out on the floor and Cinco was on the ottoman. When I started taking photos of Cinco I realized that not only was he balancing in a rather impressive kitty yoga position, but he was also cleaning himself and playing with a small cardboard toy all at the same time. If this doesn’t give you a good laugh, I’m not sure what will.

Multitasking Kitty

Now that’s talent!

Do your kitties ever multitask?