Somali Cat Nikolas Titkov flickr

Photo Credit: Nikolas Titkov via Flickr

One Foxy Kitty!

If Somali cats look familiar, it is because they are essentially the long haired version of the Abyssinian breed. The long hair comes from a recessive gene that mysteriously entered the Abyssinian bloodlines. One theory is that the gene was the result of a spontaneous mutation, while another theory states that long haired cat breeds were used to keep Abyssinian bloodlines strong after World War II reeked havoc on the Abyssinian population. Either way the long haired Abyssinians were looked down on as “tainted” when they first began to appear. Through the efforts of a small group of breeders who loved these long haired Abyssinians, they became a breed all their own – the Somali.

Somali cats are beautiful and elegant with a little taste of the wild side. Their fur is shorter on their back and longer on their chest and britches. There are even tufts of fur between their toes! A bushy, fox-like tail is one of their hallmarks.

Generally, Somali cats are full of energy and completely curious. Be ready for a lot of laughs with a Somali cat! No cupboard will go unexplored. They fall in love with their people and bless them with tons of affection. Somalis want to be involved in everything that their people are doing.

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