Black Friday is here! Let the madness begin. If you’re like me, you are probably taking the Black Friday as another day to spend with your loved ones. It’s time to set up that Christmas tree, start Christmas shopping, and get into that charitable mood that characterizes the holiday season.

A Great Black Friday Deal

Black Friday Manna

Manna is one of the best things I’ve ever picked up 🙂

If you or someone you know has been considering adding a kitty (or doggy) to their life, today is a great day to do it. Many Animal Shelters and Rescues are offering great Black Friday deals on adoption fees. Some of the Black Friday deals I’ve seen include:

  • Free adoptions for qualifying adopters.
  • Free adoptions of black cats for qualifying adopters.
  • Discounted adoption fees.
  • Free adoptions of senior or special needs pets for qualified adopters.

Check with your local animals shelters and rescues to see what Black Friday deals they have going on. There may even be deals on pet supplies through that shelter or rescue if they carry those sorts of things.

Why Adopt?

There is a huge overpopulation problem with cats here in the U.S. Every kitty that gets adopted is another kitty that won’t be euthanized simply because of limited resources. What better gift can you give a homeless kitty than the gift of a loving home?

The volunteers at the shelters and rescues know their kitties very well. They can help match you up with a cat that has just the right personality and physical characteristics for your home and lifestyle. Cats of every age, breed, color, and personality are available -even purebred kitties! The volunteers can even show you the cat’s medical records including spay/neuter status, vaccinations, and any other medical problems the cat has been seen for while at the shelter.

Not the Right Time to Adopt?

Adopting a kitty is a choice that should be carefully considered. If this Black Friday isn’t a great time for you to bring a kitty into your family, there are still ways to help. Contact your local shelter or rescue and see how you can do one of the following:

  • Black Friday - McLovin ReJoyceful FB

    McLovin’ is up for adoption! Click this image to go to her Petfinder page.

    Making a direct donation. Even small donations of just a few dollars can go a long way.

  • Donate pet food, kitty litter, treats, and other supplies. Many times shelters and rescues will have a list of supplies that they need.
  • Donate coupons for pet supplies. Do you see pet supply coupons in newspapers or in junk mail? Clip them out! Every little bit helps.
  • Shop at stores that give a percentage of proceeds to animal charities. My local rescue receives a small percentage from a local grocery store when shoppers show a special card. Ask your local shelter or rescue if there are any stores that give to them. Online stores like Animal Hearted Apparel and The Animal Rescue Site give a percentage of their sales to animal shelters and rescues as well.
  • Become a foster kitty-parent. There is always a need for places to house cats while they are waiting for a forever home.
  • Volunteer some time. Rescues and shelters have lots of jobs available for volunteers. You don’t necessarily have to scoop poop! Office help, people to help socialize cats, and people to transport animals to and from veterinary appointments are needed too.

What is your favorite way to help out homeless pets?