Who knew that one simple cat toy could bring smiles to so many faces? I bought a couple of these little felt catnip twists from a local cat rescue as part of a fundraiser. It made me smile that even with as little money as I have that I was able to help out some kitties in need. I’m sure that the kitties who are being helped will smile too. Then I brought the twists home to Cinco and Manna. As you can imagine, they were immediately a hit. Both Cinco and Manna went to flipping them around and chasing them right away.

It can be hard to get a photo of Cinco independently playing with a toy. He’s more of a interactive, play-with-mom sort of guy. Manna on the other hand is a little bit nuts and will play with anything. She takes such adorable photos too! I started taking photos of her having a ball with the pink catnip twist and she gave me this hilarious photo of her huge kitty smile. She is such a goof! Now hopefully it will be your turn to smile!

Manna with the Pink Toy

Manna’s goofy Kitty Smile

What is the coolest animal rescue fundraiser you have seen?

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