Hi everyone! Since it is Halloween, I thought we could do something really fun. Why not a Halloween costume face off between kitties?! As many of you know, Cinco and Manna love to compete with one another. They are quite a bit like young human siblings. I sat down with each of them and helped them pick out a few Halloween costumes. With a little “magic,” we got them all on and photographed. Now we need you to help decide which is the best and which costumes Cinco and Manna should be wearing tonight for Halloween!

The Costumes

1. Cinco as Count Catula

Halloween Cinco Catula

“Mwahaha! I vant to play with your mice!”

2. Manna as a hula dancer

Halloween Manna Hula

Dance like no one is watching!

3. Cinco as an ice cream sundae.

Halloween Cinco Banana Split

I’ll take a triple scoop of cuteness!

4. Manna as Super Kitty

Halloween Manna Super Girl

Saving the world from one giant mousie at a time.

5. Cinco as a lobster.

Halloween Cinco Lobster

I believe this is taking Picasso’s painting of the lobster and the cat to a whole new level.

6. Manna as Madonna

Halloween Manna Madonna

“Like a Persian, brushed for the very first time…”

Who do you think won the contest? What should Cinco and Manna wear tonight for Halloween?

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Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween

May you have a spooktacular day!