Beautiful Bombay Cats -Bhavana

Photo Credit: Se Re via Flickr

Purrrfect Parlor Panthers

Love the look of black leopards? So did the woman who began the Bombay breed less than a century ago. An entirely domestic breed, the Bombay has all of the wildly beautiful looks of the black leopards of Bombay, India. Almost everything about these cats is black – the fur (black from root to tip), nose leather, and paw pads. Their fur is short and thick, with a beautiful sheen. The one exception to the all-black rule is their stunning large copper eyes. Just like a leopard, they have rounded faces and medium-large muscular bodies.

These kitties may have a wild look, but they love their human companions! Bombay cats want nothing more than to be with their owners everywhere they go. Cuddling is one of their favorite pastimes! Their personalities are so social that they have been compared to dogs. Games like fetch are very amusing to Bombay cats! They are also easily leash trained and love to go for rides in the car. Bombay cats have been known to keep many a trucker company while they do long hauls over the road.

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