Even the most well intentioned photo goes awry sometimes! When I take photos of Cinco and Manna I just follow them around and get photos of what they do naturally. Try to pose them tends to be a huge waste of time. Of course, this means that it can take 100 – 200 photos to get what I need to make one our Niptoons.

My Funny Kitties

Anything can happen in just a few seconds when you are trying to take a photo. I have a pretty old digital camera and it can take a few seconds to actually take the photo from the time I press the button. The two following pictures are great examples of the sorts of things cats do when you are trying to take a great photo of them.

Cinco was sitting so nice and pretty. Then I hit the shutter button and this happened…

Cinco's Foot  Outtake

Cinco thinks his foot is a more important focus than his face MOL

Apparently Cinco was not in the mood for a portrait. He does have very nice toes though. There is even a little bit of tongue in this one. Well played Cinco, well played.

Next we have my mischievous Manna. I was trying to take a photo of Manna with her silly “I’m on nip” face. She had been licking some catnip off of her giant mousie. And then I hit the shutter button….

Manna's Mouth Outtake

Nice tonsils Manna!

I guess she wanted to give me a REALLY BIG smile. On the upside, Manna’s veterinarian will be glad to see that she is taking great care of her teeth and gums. I’m pretty sure that her teeth are whiter than mine (I drink too much tea). Maybe next time will let me get the rest of her head in the photo. Silly girl!

What funny things do your cats do when you try to photograph them?

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