Cat owners want their cats to be healthy and happy. An excellent plan for cat care will help you not only make your cat healthy and happy, but help your cat stay that way. There are 3 basic components that you need to consider when creating your ideal cat care plan: wellness vet checkups, meal time, and all the little extras.

Wellness Vet Checkups

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A cat’s behavior can be very deceptive when it comes to illnesses. They can hide the fact that they are sick or injured very well! Proper cat care can be really difficult when you don’t know that something is wrong with your cat. A veterinarian’s trained eye can catch serious illnesses before they become too much of a problem (or possibly prevent the illness all together).

A once yearly wellness checkup with your veterinarian is enough to make your cat care easier. It can save you a ton of money down the road. Sick cats need more frequent appointments, more tests, and more medications. For more information, read my post Preventative Care & Your Pet.

Making the Most of Meal Time

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I love knowing that my kitties are healthy and happy!

Food is a critical part of cat care. Your cat really is what he/she eats. The food that goes into your cat’s body is what your cat’s body will use not only for energy, but to replace dying cells! Good, quality cat food can help create healthy organs and tissues in your cat.  This is discussed in further detail in my post Cat Nutrition for Better Health #GetHealthyHappy.

A cat’s body had different needs in different phases of it’s life. Age and medical conditions  can change your cat’s body’s needs. Their nutrition should change along with their needs! Your veterinarian should be able to help you to make a good choice in food for your cat.

Hill’s Science Diet offers a variety of life stage and condition specific cat foods that could be a good choice for your cat. Here are a few of the dry foods, but wet versions are available (I always suggest wet):

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Cat Care with Little Extras

Life is happier with a few little extras! Who doesn’t love treats? Healthy treats can be used in your cat care plan to reward your cat for doing appropriate behaviors (ie – scratching the scratching post) and just as an opportunity to bond with your cat.

Play is a fun way to stay healthy! A good game that uses your cat’s natural hunting skills is great from their mind and body. Play can also to help build your relationship with your cat. Through play you can prove to your cat that you are a positive, happy, trustworthy, and non-threatening person.

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Which part of cat care do you find the most challenging?

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