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This is my Dad’s rescued cat, Stormy.

Black cats have had a bad reputation since the Middle Ages. They’ve been associated with evil in western cultures, but none of the folklore is based in reality. Today in shelters, black cats (and black dogs) are often overlooked and are the least likely color of cat to find a furever home. If you plan to adopt a cat, consider adopting a black cat!

Reasons to Adopt Black Cats

There are plenty of great reasons to adopt a black cat! This is a mix of humorous reasons, serious reasons, and debunking of myths.

Adopt Black Cats Ava inside Joey's pants leg

Photo Credit: Shannon via Flickr

  1. It will save the black cat’s life! According to numbers put out by the ASPCA, about half of cats that end up in shelters are euthanized just for being homeless. The risk is especially high for those that are difficult to adopt out.
  2. Black cats are as cute, loving, and intelligent as any other color cat. Both of my parents have black cats and they love to cuddle.
  3. Black fur is always in style. Your black cat will never get stopped by the kitty fashion police!
  4. You will not see the black fur on your black clothing or furniture.
  5. Black cats are not actually witches’ familiars, despite the rumors. Note that those rumors began in the Middle Ages around the time of the Inquisition. We are way past that as a culture. Plus, those involved with modern day witchcraft believe that any sort of animal can become their familiar. There is a whole process where the witch and the animal “choose each other.”
  6. Black cats are not actually bad luck. Whether a cat is considered to be bad luck traditionally  varies from country to country. In several countries like Great Britain, Japan, and Russia, black cats are considered to be good luck.
  7. You can pretend that they are ninjas. Who doesn’t want their own live-in ninja?
  8. Printing photos of them will not take up much of your color ink.
  9. Any color collar looks great on a black cat. Your cat’s accessories could go with whatever motif you are into that day.
  10. The most worshiped cat in history- the Ancient Egyptian cat goddess Bastet  – was a pictured as a black cat. She was the goddess of fertility, women, childbirth, and a number of other things. Huge yearly celebrations were held for her. Because of their reverence for Bastet, anyone in Ancient Egypt who killed a cat would be put to death.

When NOT to Adopt Black Cats

Adopt Black CatsIggy Loves You!

Photo Credit: Rob Boudon via Flickr

Sometimes people adopt black cats for the wrong reasons. Around Halloween people start to think that a live black cat would make a great addition to their Halloween festivities. Please do not adopt a real live cat to be a living decoration or an accessory to your costume. Only adopt a black cat (or any pet for that matter) if you intent is to have it become a part of your family and live out the rest of its years with you. Abandoning or relinquishing the cat back to the shelter when you are “done with it” could be a death sentence for the cat.

What do you love about black cats?