Hi everybody! This is another one of those weeks where you get a double dose of funny cat pictures 🙂 A mild illness has knocked me off of my routine, but I will have our weekly Niptoon up tomorrow for everyone.

A Very Spooky Playful Kitty Update

The Halloween season is one of my favorite times of year (rivaled only by Christmas). To celebrate, the month of October will have lots of posts and social media about things that are scary! Want some spooky kitty stuff in you inbox? Starting in October, the Playful Kitty Newsletter will be handing out a few trick or treats! I’m going to be trying to amp up my use of the newsletter now that I’ve figured a few things out.

My Funny Manna

Since Manna knows how much I enjoy Halloween, she is just itching to get to October! She is wondering when she can just scratch the itch and get it over with MOL  I explained to her that it is just a euphemism, but she is pretty sure that October is behind her left ear.

Manna's Itch

Manna’s itching for October

Are you looking forward to the Halloween season? If so, what are your favorite festive things?