Are your cats healthy? The World Health Organization defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Visiting your veterinarian consistently and regularly could help make your cat healthier and happier.

When healthy just means having no illness…

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My Obi-Wan seemed to be fine just a few days before he passed away.

Many people are stuck in an old way of thinking that equates an illness and its symptoms. They don’t think of someone as being ill until those symptoms start rearing their ugly heads. For example, if you asked someone when they came down with the flu, they will most likely tell you about the day they started running a fever or experiencing nausea. In reality, the illness began long before the nausea. It began the day the flu virus first made it’s way into the person’s body.

What does this have to do with cats? According to an American Pet Products Association’s National Pet Owner Survey, 17% of cat owners won’t take their cat to the veterinarian unless the cat is sick. However, cats are notoriously good at hiding symptoms. It is a part of their wild instincts – showing that they are ill would make them vulnerable to other cats and predators. Cats will hide their symptoms until they become so ill that they simply can’t hide it anymore. You may not realize that your cat is sick until the illness has become very serious.

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Preventative care can save you heartache & money!

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A preventative care approach takes measures to stop an illness before it begins rather than waiting until after symptoms have begun. Your veterinarian can help you design the purrrfect preventative care program for your cat. Most programs will include a discussion about diet, exercise, and other lifestyle factors. Visiting your veterinarian yearly will help you keep your program fine tuned.

Perhaps you don’t take your cat to the veterinarian because of the expense. Actually, going to the vet for preventative care check ups, can save you a lot of  money in vet bills! Veterinarians are trained to see the potential signs of illness in a cat that you might not see. Noticing these signs can mean catching an illness early, when it is easier to treat and/or cure. It could mean the difference between being prescribed an antibiotic and having to face the costs of surgery. According to the American Pet Products Association, emergency and illness vet visits cost $50 – 200 more!

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