Cats have been a source of inspiration for people since the days of the Ancient Egyptians. Art depicting cats has survived through thousands of  years. My cats, Cinco and Manna, are a great inspiration to me. They inspire not only this site, but some great philosophies I use in life.

#1: My cats inspire me with their physical appearances.

Day 13 : "Black and White" Cinco strikes a pose

My current favorite photo of Cinco

The look of this site is inspired by the physical appearances of Cinco and Manna. Cinco’s beautiful face graces the masthead. All of the yellows, browns, and blacks were copied directly from Cinco’s multicolored fur using Photoshop’s color matching tool. The bold, inky title font is inspired by Manna’s inky black swirls.

My kitties have inspired me to become a better photographer. I want everyone else to be able to see the beauty that I see in Cinco and Manna. I have considered creating a drawn logo for Playful Kitty, but I’m nervous that it won’t do justice to the amazing creatures that my cats are. The photo of Cinco’s face says more than a thousand words to me.

#2: My cats inspire me with they way they love the simple things in life.

Empty boxes. Milk rings. Wadded up paper. A housefly. Cats love the simplest things. If you order them an expensive toy, they will be more interested in the box the toy came in than the toy.

I’m  one of those people that always tends to over-complicate everything. Cinco and Manna always remind me to keep things simple. Just one look at Cinco playing with his own tail (a built-in endless source of entertainment) can help me to remember that I have all I really need in life. When Cinco catches his tail, it reminds me that there is no reason to chase your own tail in life – it will hurt if you actually catch it.

#3: My cats inspire me with the way they love me.

Cinco in my lap

Cinco purring in my lap

One stereotype says that cats are aloof, but my experience says that’s far from true. Cats have their own language and way of expressing affection. Cinco and Manna show affection be sitting on/near me, rubbing up against me, talking to me, bringing me toys, licking me, encouraging me to play with them, and more. Sure, cats do express displeasure with things, but in truth, their love is unbiased and unconditional.

I know that this sounds silly, but my cats inspire my self-esteem. They love me no matter how ugly I am that day or how many times I’ve failed. Cinco and Manna think I’m great no matter what is going on. It is hard to feel worthless when you have a purring kitty in your lap. After all, you are awesome enough that a cat has chosen you.

Kitty love is also a great reminder about how to love others. People need to know that they are loved no matter what their current circumstances might be. Don’t just say “I love you,” do something to show it.

#4: My cats inspire me with their curiosity.

Cats are endlessly curious. Manna inspects every little thing that comes into our home. Cinco has to open every cabinet every night and look around inside (he doesn’t actually go in). Even when something is new and gives them a bit of anxiety, it isn’t long before they are compelled to check it out. Manna is especially brave.

The cats are always showing me that the world is interesting. I should always be asking questions and exploring. Fear shouldn’t be something that puts up a roadblock in my life, but rather a signal that education is necessary. Learning takes a little bit of bravery sometimes. Keep searching and try to see things in a way that others haven’t see them. Don’t forget to innovate – there is always a way to climb to the top.

#5: My cats inspire me with their child-like nature.

My cats are 8 and 7 years old and they have never lost their child-like nature. They are as silly as ever and haven’t really slowed down at all. “Playful” definitely describes them.

Cinco and Manna inspire me to laugh. Life is funny when you think about it; sometimes it’s just funnier to the person watching than the person involved. Let yourself be silly. Try things over and over until you get it. Never stop being amazed. Other peoples’ opinions don’t have to matter to you- it’s a choice.

Manna rolling on the balcony

Manna rolling around on the balcony

Do your pets inspire you?

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