Let freedom ring! Happy 4th of July everyone! Celebrating freedom just isn’t as fun without something that’s free, so I thought it would be just the thing to offer up some great FREE pet owner’s resources. If you haven’t already, please check out my post on 4th of July Calming Tips for Cats. Do you know of another great FREE resource for pet owners? Please add it in the comments below.

Celebrating Freedom Without Loosing Your Pet

This one is especially helpful because of the number of cats and dogs that get lost on the 4th of July!

Finding Rover is a free app for both I-phone and Android that uses high-tech facial recognition to help you find your lost pet. All you need to do is either visit their website or download the app onto your phone, sign up for a free account, and enter some info about yourself (to help reconnect your pet with you if they get lost). Adding a pet is simple:

Celebrating Freedom with Free Resources Fireworks

Happy 4th of July from Playful Kitty!

  1. Upload a clear photo of your pet’s face.
  2. Resize/move the photo to make sure the whole face is in the square provided.
  3. The app will prompt you to place a circle over each eye and a triangle over the nose.
  4. The app will ask for some basic information about your pet (name, age, breed).
  5. Enter as many photos as you would like of your pet.
  6. Repeat the process for additional pets.

If your pet is lost, you report it and an alert is sent out to all Finding Rover users in your area. If another Finding Rover member finds your pet, all they need to do is take a photo of your pet’s face and enter it in the system. The facial recognition software will connect your pet straight to your profile.

All of Finding Rover’s prompts say “dog,” but be a rebel and put a cat in there! I spoke to a representative for Finding Rover at the BlogPaws conference and he said it works just as well for cats as it does for dogs. They are working on an updated version that says “cat” too.  Finding Rover also has a bit of a social network, so feel free to “friend” me (Robin Mudge) if you join their network.

If your pet is microchipped, make sure that the microchip is registered. Found Pets offers a free nation-wide registry for microchipped pets. Their service allows you to alert others in the registry should your pet get lost and will notify you if someone finds your pet.

Celebrating Freedom from Overpopulation

Celebrating Freedom with Free Resources Manna on Dave's shorts

Manna starting out her 4th of July Celebrations 🙂

Have you recently adopted a new cat or dog? There is a huge overpopulation of cats and dogs in our country. You can do your part by having your pet spayed or neutered. The ASPCA along with PetSmart Charities offers a list of free and low cost spay and neuter clinics across the U.S. Just type in your zip code and find one near you!

Celebrating Freedom Without A Tip To The Vet

Be careful what your pet gets into! There are many common foods and plants that are toxic to cats and dogs. Before you let your pet eat something other than their usual menu, check out what the ASPCA’s Poison Control site has to say about  it. Looking through their database is free, but if you need to call them to help a poisoned pet it will cost you $65.

Celebrating Freedom With Your Local Animal Rescue

AdvoCat TV is a series of short goofball comedy videos that teach a lesson about the correct way to care for pets. At the end of each video a rescue pet is featured. Advocat will place a pet from your rescue at the end of one of the videos free of charge. Videos can be embedded onto any website or shared on social media to help the pet placed in a furever home.

Oh, just one more thing…

Yesterday, the good people at CritterZone heard YOUR requests for a giveaway. Guess what?? They are letting me giveaway 1 CritterZone Air Naturalizer (retail value $99)! The giveaway starts Monday! I’m excited, are you?

Celebrating Freedom with Free Resources CritterZone Giveaway Announcement

The CritterZone Air Naturalizer Giveaway begins on Monday!