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Edible Arrangements Hello Kitty Friendship Bouquet Robin Holding Bouquet

Cat themed fruit? Yes, I do think so 🙂

Are you in the mood for a Hello Kitty-themed treat? Check out what I got from Edible Arrangements! This is possibly the fruitiest product review I’ve ever done (wakka wakka). Sorry kitties, this one is for the humans who love you!

About Edible Arrangements

Edible Arrangements Hello Kitty Friendship Bouquet Hello Kitty Friendship Bouquet

The Hello Kitty Friendship Bouquet

In 1999 a Conneticut based florist named Tariq Farid had a business changing idea; Why not make bouquets out of fruit? He wanted to bring people the freshest fruit in arrangements that would bring the “Wow” factor. After opening his first Edible Arrangements store, business quickly took off and spread via franchises throughout the U.S., Canada, and 12 other countries.

Today there are 1,200 Edible Arrangements franchises nationally which are all locally owned an operated. Customers can order by phone, over the internet, or in person at the stores. Edible Arrangements offers same day delivery of their fresh fruit bouquets 7 days/week! Their refrigerated delivery vehicles ensure that each bouquet arrives as fresh as it was when it was  made.

Where to Find Edible Arrangements Online:

The Hello Kitty Friendship Bouquet by Edible Arrangements

Edible Arrangements has many unique a bouquets of fruit that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the taste buds. For cat lovers, The Hello Kitty Friendship Bouquet is a must have treat! An adorable plastic Hello Kitty bucket is filled with a stunning arrangement of freshly cut:

Edible Arrangements Hello Kitty Friendship Bouquet Pinapple Hello Kitty

Pinapple cut to look like Hello Kitty!

  • Pineapple (some of which are cut into the shape of Hello Kitty’s face)
  • Cantaloupe
  • Honeydew
  • Grapes
  • Strawberries
  • Chocolate dipped strawberries

The Hello Kitty Friendship Bouquet comes in a small and a large size so it is perfect for a special friend or for a party.

My Opinion

Edible Arrangements Hello Kitty Friendship Bouquet Robin Eating A Strawberry

Mmmm…. chocolate covered strawberries!

The large Hello Kitty Friendship bouquet was sent to me from the Detroit area coalition of Edible Arrangements stores to try out (please stop by their Facebook page and give them a “like”). The arrangement arrived at my door right on time (during the time frame that had been given to me). The delivery woman was very friendly and reminded me that I had to keep the arrangement refrigerated.

I was surprised at just how large the arrangement really was. It was fairly heavy too! All of the fruit had great size, shape, and color. I didn’t see a single bruise or unripe piece of fruit in the whole arrangement. The smell was fantastic. I had to wait to eat it until my husband got home so I would be able to get some great pictures for this post and it was a tough wait!

The first piece I had was a chocolate covered strawberry and it was heavenly! Each piece of fruit I tried was juicy and full of flavor. The pieces were all on plastic fruit skewers and were easily removed from the bouquet. My husband was equally delighted with the quality of the fruit. He couldn’t believe how good the strawberries were. Refrigerated, the fruit lasted us about 4 days and still tasted great.

Edible Arrangements’ Big Offer This Summer

Edible Arrangements Hello Kitty Friendship Bouquet Pineapple Flower

A pineapple piece cut into a flower shape with a cantaloupe center.

If you love what you see and want to send a bouquet to someone you know and love (or keep it for yourself) Edible Arrangements is offering FREE Shipping on select summer bouquets for a limited time. Use the promo code SUMR6234 when you check out at www.EdibleArrangements.com .

Want to find out how great an Edible Arrangements bouquet is for yourself? Stop in your local Edible Arrangements store and see what is being sampled that day. The courteous staff would love to help you discover what Edible Arrangements has to offer.

What theme or item would you like to see in an Edible Arrangements bouquet?