Happy Birthday Manna! Announcement photo

I can’t believe my little girl is already 7 years old!

It was around 7 years ago today that my little Manna entered this world! I don’t know her exact birthday, so we just choose a day near the end of June every year be her birthday. Why not? We should celebrate life everyday if you ask me 🙂

Manna’s Gotcha Story

Some of you may have already heard this a dozen times or so, but I feel the need to tell Manna’s Gotcha story again.

Happy Birthday Manna! Manna as a baby.

Manna the day that we adopted each other.

On a hot July day in 2007, I received a phone call from my Dad telling me that he had found an “alien” on his porch and that I just had to see it. My husband, Dave, and I went over to Dad’s trailer to see the “alien” and found that it was an adorable little kitten. The kitten was small enough to fit in the palm of my hand. She barely had any fur (it just hadn’t grown in yet) and she had these gigantic blue eyes that seemed to be popping out of her head. She was talkative, energetic, and loved everyone.

At the time, my Dad had another cat living in his trailer. It was a stray momma kitty that wandered in when he left the door open and had her kittens in the cabinet under his sink. This new kitten was not one of hers and she wanted nothing to do with it. Dad didn’t really know what to do with the kitten since it wouldn’t eat regular cat kibble. I knew this kitten needed to be bottle fed.  Since I had already fallen in love with her, I decided to add her to my family.

Happy Birthday Manna! Choosing a food.

At first we got a little bit of everything that was labeled for kittens to see what she would choose.

Dave and I took our new little kitty to the vet on the way home and we named her Manna (explanation to come).  I wanted to make sure that I wouldn’t be putting Cinco in any danger by bringing her into our home. The veterinarian told us that Manna was about 3 weeks old and appeared to be healthy with the exception of some fleas. He did advise us to keep her separated from Cinco for a few weeks until we could have all of the major diseases conclusively ruled out.  We decided to keep her in our bathroom since there was no carpet or furniture for the fleas to nestle into. With a little prayer and about 2 gentle baths, the fleas completely disappeared.

Manna was never interested in the bottle. She wanted to lap the kitten milk up off of a plate. It was so cute to see her little belly get big and round when she had eaten her fill! Dave and I spent a lot of time wiping milk mustaches (and beards) off of her face.

Happy Birthday Manna! Cinco playing with Manna.

Cinco (bottom) playing with the little bitty baby Manna.

Big brother Cinco wasn’t impressed with the new addition right away. It took a day or two of yelling at the bathroom door before he suddenly seemed to accept Manna. It was so cute to see her little paw reach out under the door to tease him! By the time we got the all-clear to release Manna from the bathroom, Cinco was delighted with his new baby sister. She was his favorite play toy. They never became a cuddly pair of kitties, but they do enjoy playing together.

Manna never did get very big. Today she is only about 6-7 pounds and most people think she’s not full grown. She is still talkative (loud, deep voice), very playful, bossy, and not afraid of anything.  Her favorite toy is her daddy’s hand (she’s a total daddy’s girl). She loves when I take photos of her and she loves it when I take naps (she snuggles me). Besides cat nip, her current favorite treat is actually a dog treat – venison jerky made and sourced in the USA (I will be reviewing this next month). She also loves Temptations.

Manna’s Name

Manna’s name is actually from the Bible. Dave and I are devout Christians and Manna’s name is a tribute to a lesson we felt that God was really teaching us at the time. In the Old Testiment of the Bible, the Jews wandered in the desert for 40 years. During that time God sent a sweet bread-like substance called Manna to the Jews for food. The word “manna” literally means “what is this?” Which very much described my Dad’s reaction to first seeing my Manna. Also, Dave and I have always struggled financially and we were really learning that God will always provide for us. He provided help and a home for Manna just when she needed it.

Manna's BDay Out on the Balcony

Manna as she looks today, enjoying some sun and shade on the balcony.

What do you think, how should we celebrate Manna’s 7th birthday?

We will try out as many suggestions as possible and let you know how they went on an upcoming Follow-Up Friday!

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