Do you know someone who is looking to adopt a pet? This weekend thousands of shelter animals are going to find their furever homes thanks to an event called Maddie’s Pet Adoption Days . During last year’s event 8, 432 cats and dogs were adopted in just 2 days!

Maddie’s Fund

Maddie's Pet Adoption Days Maddie's Fund

Maddie’s Fund supports Maddie’s Pet Adoption Days.

A rescued miniature schnauzer named Maddie started it all. Her owners, Dave and Cheryl Duffield, adopted her when she was just a tiny puppy. They loved her so much that they Mr. Duffield vowed to Maddie that if he ever made money with is company, PeopleSoft, he would use it to help other homeless animals find loving homes.  PeopleSoft was more than a success and the Duffield’s were able to donate $300 million to  start Maddie’s Fund.

Maddie’s fund hopes to make the United States a no-kill nation. As Dave Duffield states it:“When we look into the eyes of the dogs and cats at the adoption event, we see Maddie’s spirit in every one of them. We want all of them to have a chance to inspire, love and enrich the lives of their future families the way Maddie did ours.” To help shelters in their no-kill mission, Maddies Fund offers grants for medical expenses and funding through Maddie’s Pet Adoption Days.

Maddie’s Pet Adoption Days

During Maddie’s Pet Adoption Days participating animal rescues offer FREE cat and dog adoption to qualified adopters. This year’s ambitious goal is to adopt out a total of 10,000 cats and dogs in 2 days. Maddie’s Fund will be giving the animal rescues a generous stipend for each cat or dog adopted (up to $2,000 per animal adopted).

This year’s Maddie’s Pet Adoption Days will be held Saturday May 31, 2014 – Sunday June 1, 2014.  Animal rescues from 9 different states will be participating; Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, New York, Nevada, Virginia, Vermont, and Wisconsin. To find a participating rescues near you click here.

Quick Tip: Consider filling out the adoption application ahead of time to make things run more smoothly. Many animal rescues offer their applications online.

Maine Coon Adoptions

Maddie's Pet Adoption Days Callahan

Callahan – an adoptable cat on

One excellent participant in this year’s Maddie’s Pet Adoption Days is Maine Coon Adoptions ( of California. Maine Coon Adoptions is a no-kill, 501(c)(3) non-profit cat rescue. They have a very dedicated volunteer staff (about 70 strong) and no one is on payroll. They love Maine Coon cats because of their personality, but they rescue all kinds of kitties. Since their founding in 2003, Maine Coon Adoptions has rescued and rehomed nearly 2,000 cats.

Maine Coon Adoptions has a passion for cats that are “less adoptable.” Senior and special needs cats count for 25% of the cats they adopt out. According to their website they are “dedicated to rescuing abused, abandoned, surrendered and homeless kitties and to finding loving, carefully-screened, adoptive homes for them.” All rescued cats are fostered in homes and given 1-2 hours of daily attention from their volunteer “cat cuddlers.” A list of adoptable kitties is updated daily on their website.

Maddie's Pet Adoption Days Mason Meredith Melinda and Murray

Mason, Meredith, Melinda, and Murray all adoptable kitties on

Want to visit Maine Coon Adoptions during the Maddie’s Pet Adoption Days? There are 3 locations to choose from (copied from their website):

Pet Food Express, 3868 Piedmont Ave, Oakland
Saturday 9am-3pm / Sunday 10am-3pm

The Kitty House (private home) , 2527 Carmel Street, Oakland
Saturday 9am-3pm / Sunday 10am-3pm

Wild Birds Unlimited, 692 Contra Costa Blvd, Pleasant Hill
Saturday 10am-3pm / Sunday 11am-3pm

Save yourself some time -fill out an online adoption application today!

Maddie's Pet Adoption Days Kitten-o-Rama