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Original Newspaper photo credit: Ninian Reid via Flickr Commons

The month of May has been a pretty big news month for cats! Cat related news stories have been everywhere. I’ve collected 3 of the more unusual cat related stories to share with you today.

Cat Related News Story #1: Oops! Wrong kitty litter.

Your choice of kitty litter is important! A nuclear waste facility in New Mexico uses kitty litter to absorb liquids in nuclear waste barrels. After the litter is added to the barrel, the barrels are placed in a special underground storage area. However, someone in charge of purchasing the kitty litter decided to change from clay to organic corn litter without checking with a chemist. Whoops! The reaction of the nuclear waste with the corn litter created a volatile nitrogen mix. One barrel has already exploded and others are in danger of exploding.

CNN Interviews a Nuclear Engineer about the problem (length = 2:39)

Cat Related News Story #2: Heavy Metal Cats

This month a book has been released that features heavy metal rockers and their cats! Over 200 of tough guys and kitties fill the pages of the book. The photographer behind the book had no trouble finding rockers willing to pose with their kitties. She was not surprised that so many heavy metal rockers had cats, but was surprised how many of them had multiple cats. Most of the cats in the book are rescues! Proceeds from the book will be going to animal rescues. More photos and an interview with the photographer can be found here.

Cat Related News Metal Cats Cover

Metal Cats Cover Image from

Cat Related News Story #3: Jenga Cat

Jenga is a game of strategy and a steady hand. The kitty in this viral video shows just how fine tuned those skills are in cats. Without too much trouble, the cat sweeps out pieces of the Jenga tower without making it fall. There is even a bit of humor in this video as the cat grows frustrated with the lack of available moves.

*FYI – There is one small bit of foul language at the end of this clip. *

(Length = 1:24)

  Have you heard of any interesting cat- related news lately? How about dog or other pet related news?