Happy Memorial Day everyone! Today is a great day for relaxing and enjoying time with our families. With that in mind, I would like to share some of Cinco and Manna’s embarrassing stories. You know, the type of embarrassing stories your Mom always tells your friends when you are a teenager. Hopefully they won’t be too mad at me for sharing these with the world!

Cinco’s Embarrassing  Stories

Embarrassing Stories about Cinco and Manna. Cinco is embarrassed.

Cinco is embarrassed

A Moment of Reflection

This is one of the embarrassing stories from when Cinco was a kitten. He was a very funny little kitten!

All of the sudden, he saw it – the shiny full length mirror in the hallway! It was a moment of great terror. He got a big tail, started hissing, meowing, and doing all kinds of crazy kitty kung fu moves at the mirror. I never knew he could do back flips! I tried to calm him down and pull him away, but he would just keep going back to it to see if “that cat” was still there.  Eventually he gave up and calmed down. From my end, it was pretty funny, but I don’t think he felt that way at all. Luckily, he has learned about mirrors since then and is no longer afraid.

When A Win Feels Like A Loss

Cinco is the kind of cat that likes to chase their tail. He does it all the time and it really isn’t any big deal. Built in toys are a bonus if you ask me! However, there was one night that I was up working on the computer and Cinco was over on the couch just screaming about something. That is very unusual because Cinco isn’t much of a talker.

Immediately I ran to see what was wrong. He had a claw from one of his front paws quite firmly embedded into his tail. He had been chasing his tail and actually caught it! I very carefully pulled the claw out of his tail and inspected the injury. It didn’t bleed and seemed to be okay. He was quite embarrassed and laid down and went to sleep after giving himself a good bath.

Manna’s Embarrassing  Stories

Embarrassing Stories about Cinco and Manna. Manna is embarrassed.

Manna hates it when I tell this story.

“Oooh! That’s Cold”

When we first got Manna, she was 3 weeks old. Since we didn’t know where she had come from, we kept her segregated in our bathroom for a couple of weeks. We didn’t want her interacting with Cinco until A) we were able to get rid of her fleas and B) we were able to get conclusive results for tests  for diseases like FIP, FeLV, and FIV.

One night not long after we had just fed Manna some kitty milk we heard her meowing loudly from the bathroom. This wasn’t terribly unusual because Manna is a very vocal cat, but we decided to check on her.  There was little baby Manna – in the toilet bowl trying with all of her might to get out. She was tall enough not to be in danger of drowning, but small enough not to be able to get out on her own.

We rescued her and gave her a bath. It was very funny for the humans involved. Manna was quite embarrassed. Ever since, we have always kept the lid on the toilet closed.

Manna Lettin’ Loose

This is another one of baby Manna’s embarrassing stories. Not too long after we brought Manna home, my sister, Katie,  came and stayed a few nights with us.  She loves animals as much as I do. She picked Manna up and started telling me just how adorable the little baby kitty was. With perfect comedic timing, baby Manna oozed a load of loose kitty doo-doo right down my Katie’s v-neck  tank top into her cleavage. I’m not sure I had ever seen such a face of disgust on my sister’s face before that. Manna seemed quite pleased with herself. It was nothing a good shower and a load of laundry couldn’t fix. Katie still loves Manna.

Do your pets have any embarrassing stories?

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Embarrassing Stories about Cinco and Manna. Adopt & Shop Promo.