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I love it when lost animals become found animals! As most of you who frequent Playful Kitty know, both Cinco and Manna are rescued animals. Cinco was brought to a shelter when he was a young kitten and Manna was an abandoned stray on the streets. Cats like Cinco and Manna are the lucky ones.  According to the Humane Society about half of cats and dogs placed in shelters have to be euthanized because of overpopulation.

The Found Animals Foundation

Programs offered by the Found Animals Foundation include adoption incentives, low-cost spay and neuter programs, a free national registry for microchipped pets, and more. Since their founding, they have helped more than 15,000 shelter pets find a home. Currently, the Found Animal Foundation is offering a $25 million prize (the Michelson Prize) to the first entity to provide a non-surgical, permanent method of sterilizing cats and dogs.

Found Animals Adopt & Shop

Found Animals Memorial Day Sale Adopt & Shop Logo

Found Animals Adopt & Shop Logo

One of the unique incentives of the Found Animals Foundation is their Found Animals Adopt & Shop stores. These stores not only allow you to shop for unique, hand-picked pet supplies, but they also offer:

  • Pet Adoption
  • Pet Daycare
  • Grooming
  • Dog Training

The store is also non-profit. All proceeds from the sales of the pet supplies goes to a local “Shelter of the Month.” Currently their only physical locations are in Culiver City, California and Lakewood, California. For those of us outside of California, they also have an online store (www.adoptandshop.org). You can purchase any of their pet supplies online. Purchases can be delivered anywhere in the U.S. All orders over $45 dollars come with free shipping.

Memorial Day Weekend Discount & Community Day

Found Animals Memorial Day Sale Promo Code

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Starting today (Saturday May 24, 2014) thru Monday Found Animals Adopt & Shop is having a Memorial Day Weekend Sale! All West Paw Design cat nip mice and Simply Fido products will be 30% off. Check out https://www.adoptandshop.org/sale.html to see a list of sale toys. Use Playful Kitty’s promotional code: ShopMDW when you are checking out to receive a free treat for your pet!

The default treat with this promotion is a Dog for Dogs “Dog’s Bar,” which is a gluten free dog treat. If you would like a CAT treat, please let me know after you have made your purchase. I will be coordinating with the store to make sure those who wanted cat treats get them.

If you are in California, Found Animals Adopt & Shop will be hosting a Community Day. Come down to one of their store locations any time between 11 AM and 2PM for some family fun (pets too). There will be popcorn, cotton candy, photo booths, face painting and more! For the pets there will be training and 50% off of microchipping and nail trimming.

 What is your favorite way to help animals?