Memorial Day Safety Tips & Ideas for Cat Owners Title

Manna loves those sun puddles on the balcony!

Memorial Day is already upon us! This Monday (and probably all weekend before that) the people of the United States are celebrating the lives of the heroes who have died to protect our many freedoms. There will be back yard barbecues, family gatherings, trips to the beach, pool parties, loud music, and possibly even some fireworks.  Memorial Day celebrations may be more centered around humans, but that doesn’t mean your cat can’t have a safe and happy holiday.

Memorial Day Safety Tips

With lots of fun comes lots of potential for disaster. Nobody wants to have a sick or hurt kitty! Here are a few tips for keeping your cat safe this Memorial Day.

Memorial Day Safety Tips & Ideas for Cat Owners Cinco Getting some alone time

Cinco getting some a time alone.

  • Don’t let your cats get into the party food. There are many common foods that are toxic to cats including chocolate, caffeine (coffee, tea, soda, etc), avocado, grapes, raisins, and yeast. For a more complete list visit the ASPCA Poison Control database.
  • Give the cats a quiet place to hangout. Having guests over may be fun for you, but for many cats it causes anxiety. Leave a bedroom door cracked so your cat has a place to go when he/she is done socializing. This quiet hangout is also important during firework shows.
  • Get up to date with your parasite preventatives. This is the time of year when fleas and ticks are ready to make a meal out of your kitty. Talk to your veterinarian about an appropriate flea and tick product for your cat. DO NOT use a flea and tick preventative product that is meant for dogs on a cat. Also, remember that dogs and humans who have been outside enjoying the Memorial Day weather can track fleas and ticks back into your house with them.

Memorial Day Ideas

You don’t have to leave your cat out of the celebrations this Memorial Day. Take some time and try a few of these ideas to make your cat’s Memorial Day special.

Memorial Day Safety Tips & Ideas for Cat Owners Manna Rolling around on the balcony

Manna enjoying some time on the balcony.

  • Make a yummy treat to share! Barbecue two plain, boneless, skinless chicken breasts and then cut one of them into kitty sized bites. You can dip your chicken in barbecue sauce while your kitties feast on the plain chicken next to you!
  • Enjoy the weather together. Find a time when you and your cat can sit together out on a balcony or a screened in patio. You could even bring the cat outside in a covered playpen or cat stroller. A little fresh air could be a good treat for an indoor cat.
  • Break out the toys! Surely after a big party or firework show is over, your cat will want some TLC. Make sure to thank your kitty for his/her patience by playing their favorite game. Use red, white, and blue toys (feathers, catnip mice, jingle balls, etc) if you want some added Memorial Day flavor.

What will you and your pets be doing for Memorial Day?