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Even though I only have 2 cats some people might consider me to be a crazy cat lady. I’m totally in love with my kitties! Cinco, Manna, and I share a strong bond. I’ve raise them both since they were very young; Cinco was 4 months old when I adopted him and Manna was only 3 weeks old. Those adorable little fur balls had me from the very first purr. Every day they comfort and inspire me.

Fancy Feast has asked me to share a few things that delight me about my cats (and cats in general) to help them celebrate the launch of their new Tumblr site (http://dailyfancies.com). Their new site is all about the #DailyFancies of cat owners and their cats. It includes cat inspired fashion, recipes, crafts, and lifestyle ideas.

Robin’s #DailyFancies

DailyFancies Fancy Feast Robin and Cinco Napping

Cinco and I taking a nap.

One of my biggest #DailyFancies is napping with my kitties. A lot of times both Cinco and Manna will cuddle up to me when I’m sleeping. Nothing helps me sleep better than having a warm, purring kitty snuggled up against me. Sometimes Cinco will even want me to hold him like a teddy bear!

Cinco and Manna leave no doubt when they want me to go to bed. If I’m on the computer or watching tv, Cinco will come up to me and start meowing at me and pawing at me. Then when I turn to acknowledge him, he will walk a little way toward the bedroom, turn around and look at me and meow again. If I don’t follow him, he will keep bugging me until I do. Sometimes during the day I “have to take a nap” because “the cats made me.” 🙂

To go along with the love of napping with my kitties, another of my #DailyFancies is cat inspired sleepwear. I love pajamas! If it was for the fact that I really don’t want to end up on the People of Walmart site, I would probably wear pajamas all day long. Of course, I don’t just have the kitty pjs, I also have the kitty robe, slippers, and blankets too! There’s nothing like a good cat nap.

DailyFancies Fancy Feast Cat inspired SleepwearDailyFancies Fancy Feast Cat inspired Robe, Blanket, Nails

Cinco & Manna’s #DailyFancies

DailyFancies Fancy Feast Manna found Fancy Feast

Manna found the Fancy Feast

As a part of Fancy Feast’s celebration, I bought a can of Fancy Feast’s Classic Chicken Feast for Cinco and Manna to try. One of Cinco and Manna’s #DailyFancies is chicken flavored snacks and food. They followed me into the kitchen before I even popped the can. As soon as the can was open and the scent was filling the air, both cats were going crazy. They couldn’t wait for me to set their dishes on the floor. As you can imagine, they gobbled it up as quickly as they could.

DailyFancies Fancy Feast Cats eating Fancy Feast

Cinco’s #DailyFancies
DailyFancies Fancy Feast Robin and Cinco selfie

Cinco posing for a selfie in my lap.

  • Sitting on my lap. The very first thing he did when I took him home with me for the first time was crawl into my lap and not much has changed.
  • Milk ring on a string. He loves to chase this milk ring that I’ve tied to the end of a long ribbon. I drag it along the floor behind me as I walk and he thinks it is the greatest thing on Earth.


Manna’s #DailyFancies
DailyFancies Fancy Feast Manna and the Red Dot

Manna chasing the red dot to the couch.

  • Wrestling with her Daddy’s hand. Manna just loves when she sees Dave come home. She will fall over on the floor right in front of him to ask him to play.
  • The red dot. Manna is a red dot addict. Now that I brought home an automated laser toy from the BlogPaws conference, she is just in Heaven.


What are your #DailyFancies?

I would love to hear what your #DailyFancies are! Leave them in the responses below or you can tag your thoughts with #DailyFancies on social media to share with everyone else who is joining in on Fancy Feast’s celebration. To read more #DailyFancies from cat lovers on Fancy Feast’s new Tumblr page, visit http://dailyfancies.com .