Maine Coon Cats are Gentle Giants

Tuesday’s post was all about Maine Coon cats. As the name suggests, the Maine Coon breed of cats were developed in the state of Maine. These cats are known for their long, silky fur, large size, and tufts of fur that sprout from their ears and paws. They are the 2nd most popular cat breed in the U.S. and members of their breed hold 2 Guinness World Records. These intelligent cats love being with their humans. Perhaps your cat will want to play this game with you!

*Note – I intend to continue doing puzzles on Caturday, but the format of these posts may be changing over the next couple of weeks to improve their reach. Please leave feedback about the puzzles/posts in the comments below or in an email to me.  I’m interested in knowing if you like the puzzles, which version of the word search you prefer, would you like to see different types of puzzles, is there anything I can do to make it more interesting or fun for you, etc *

To play choose one of these options:

  1. Click on the image of the puzzle and print it from your browser.
  2. Right click on the image. Select “Save As” and save the image to your computer. Print as an image or place it onto a word document to print it.
  3. Download the PDF version of the puzzle and print from Adobe Acrobat. Click the following link to use the PDF version:Maine Coon Cats Word Search.pdf
  4. Try the online interactive version below the printable image. When you find a word, click on the first letter of the word and drag the cursor across to the end of the word.

Want the Answers?

Just send us an email with the subject line “Maine Coon Cats Word Search” and we’ll send you the answer key to the printable word search.  🙂

Maine Coon Cats Word Search

Interactive Maine Coon Cats Word Search

The site that I use to make the usual interactive word searches wasn’t working right. This version doesn’t keep score, so there’s really no way to compete on this one.  Sorry about that.