Manna: Our Mommy is still in Las Vegas today, but she will be coming home by tomorrow morning. Cinco and I are really excited that we will have our Mommy back soon.

Cinco: I’m so excited that I made up a brand new dance! Check out my moves!

Happy Cinco Dance

Manna: You are as goofy as Mommy is, Cinco.

Cinco: Don’t be hatin’ just ’cause you’ve got no moves.

Manna: Ugh. Brofurs. Here’s a silly selfie Mommy sent us on her trip to Vegas just to prove it.

Funny Vegas Selfie

Manna: See the resemblance yet?

Cinco: You’re just jealous.

Manna: Am not! I got Mommy’s singing voice.

Cinco: Show off.

Manna: Are we going to wish everyone a happy Kitty-Mommy’s Day or what?

Cinco: Oh yeah. Let’s do it!

Cinco and Manna: Happy Kitty-Mommy’s Day Everyone!