Cinco: “Hey Manna! Mommy left us a to-do list for while she’s away in Las Vegas at the BlogPaws conference. Help fold the laundry….can we do that?

Cat List 1

Manna: ” Sure. I always help Mommy fold the laundry. All you have to do is find a nice warm part of the pile and take a nap on it. *Yawn* I’m getting sleepy already.”

Cat List 2Cinco: “How can you sleep with these terrifying white things around! Let’s just move on to scrubbing the kitchen floor.”

Cat List 3

Manna: “I’ve got the sponge. Mommy always gets the sponge when I throw up in here.”

Cinco: ” Now what?”

Manna: “I think we are supposed to stare at it, groan, and say ‘not again.'”

Cinco and Manna: “Ughhhhh! Not again!”

Cinco: “Was something supposed to happen?”

Manna: “Stuff is supposed to disappear.”

Cinco: “There was nothing there in the first place.”

Manna: “Wow. We are really good at this.”

Cat List 4Manna: “Doing the dishes was next, right? I think we just need to take these out of the sink and put them over there.”

Cat List 5Manna: “Ta da! Do you think Mom would mind if I just knocked one of them off of the counter? Just one?”

Cat List 6

Cinco: “Now we’re supposed to give Daddy purrs because he has the flu.”

Manna: “Ewww….Let’s just purr from here…..”

Cinco:  “You have a point. Purrr….”

Cat List 7

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