Technology companies have caught on to the wave of cat popularity over the internet. Over the past few years they have been making efforts to capture the attention (and money) of cat lovers. Below are 3 of the entertaining cat-based technologies I’ve found.

Technology #1: Cat Snaps

Kitty Selfie from catsnaps info

A cat selfie from the Cat Snaps website

Tired of helping your kitty take his/her selfies? Cat Snaps is a free app for your smart phone or tablet that lets your cat take their own selfies. It works by engaging your cat in an interactive game. Anytime your cat paws the screen, a photo is taken.

The game involves an icon moving about randomly on the screen. You get to choose which icon you would like to use (dot, mouse with wiggling tail, a wiggling fly, ant, or bee, and balls of yarn with wiggly strings hanging off of them), however, only the dot is free. Settings are available to allow you to choose the speed, randomness, and sensitivity of the icon.

Since this one is free, I tried it myself. The game worked great, but for some reason it wouldn’t take any photos for me. It could just be my not-as-smart-as-it-is-supposed-to-be phone though (I have a pay as you go phone). Cinco loved the game and slobbered all over my phone. The app has pretty good ratings on Google Play, so someone with a better phone would probably have better luck.

Technology #2: My Talking Pet

My Talking Pet App screenshot.

A screenshot from the My Talking Pet app
Image courtesy of My Talking Pet

My Talking Pet is great for a belly laugh. It is an $0.99 app for your smart phone of tablet that can make your pet talk! There are 3 easy steps to making your pet talk:

  1. Upload your pet’s photo into the app.
  2. Identify the pet’s eyes, mouth, and chin.
  3. Speak into the microphone to record what you want your pet to say.

Once the video is created, you can share it right from the app. Everyone is sure to get a good chuckle. This one I haven’t been able to try yet, but the only real complaints I saw in the reviews were that it doesn’t have enough features.

Technology #3: iPet Companion

iPet Companion is a technology that brings together cats that want to be adopted with people who love to play with cats.  Robotic cat toys are linked up to a program on iPet Companion’s website and users of the website (from anywhere in the world) can take their turn at controlling the toys. Users on the web can watch a live feed of real shelter cats interacting with the robotic toys they are controlling in real time. Playing with the kitties online is free.

ipet companion photo

A Photo Mission Statment
Taken from the official iPet Companion website

The iPet Companion website boasts about the great benefits their technology gives to animal shelters who use it.  They say that iPet Companion shelters get an increase of 18% in kitten adoptions , a 295% increase in sponsorships and benefits to their website statistics. As for the price of this technology, “we offer it to shelters at or below our cost, because we know it is making a unique and positive difference in the lives of animals.”

People are benefiting from iPet Companion as well. The website contains testimonials from several home or hospital bound people who are getting to enjoy the companionship of the cats without any risk to their health. A group of children with cancer were even brought some cheer by playing with the kitties.

I tried out this site as well, but I was online after all the kitties were tucked in bed. The controls were very easy to use. You get 2 minutes of playtime per session, but you can watch the feed or talk to other users at any time.

Do you have a favorite pet based technology?


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