Happy Earth Day! Want to help keep the Earth healthy? Here are 5 different ways that cat owners can do their part.

Tip #1 : Choose to adopt your next cat.

Earth Day Tips for Cat Lovers Baby Cinco

Cinco when we adopted him at 4 months old.

There are lots and lots of wonderful cats in animal rescues and shelters that would love to call your home their home. You can find any shape, color, age, size, or breed – even purebreds up for adoption. Using a website such as Petfinder, you can even browse through photos and stories about adoptable kitties in your area without ever leaving your home.

When you pay a pet store or a breeder for a cat, you are paying them to produce even more cats on top of what is already unsustainable. According to the ASPCA, there are around 70 million homeless cats in the U.S. If you purchase through a pet store, you may be supporting a kitty mill which doesn’t care about the cats in it’s care or what it’s practices do to the environment.

Tip #2:  Spay or neuter your cats.

As mentioned above, there is an overpopulation of cats in the U.S. (and probably throughout the world). There are so many cats that the shelters don’t have the resources to care for them all. The Humane Society calculates that about 70% of cats in shelters are euthanized. Spaying or neutering your cats can ensure that they will not add to the overpopulation problem. If enough cats are sterilized, it will start to reduce the amount of overpopulation that exists.

Tip #3: Consider switching to an Earth-friendly cat litter.

Clay cat litters are inexpensive and very convenient, but removing that clay from the ground is done by destructive strip mining.  Lucky for cat owners, there are non-clay cat litters that can do the job! There are cat litters made from silica, corn, pine, and more. I even got to experience a really unique litter called Purr-fect Harmony litter which is chemically formulated from ash to look, feel, smell,  clump and act just like clay litter.  Do your research and see if any of these litters could work for you.

Tip #4: Purchase Earth-friendly cat toys.

Earth Day Tips for Cat Lovers DIY Pet Bed

Cinco tries out his new pet bed.

When you are shopping for cat toys, take a minute to read the packaging. Consider purchasing cat toys that are made of recycled materials (ie- cardboard) or renewable materials (ie – hemp or sisal). Find ways to repurpose items you already have at home for your cat’s use. Old socks and pantyhose can be used to make great cat nip toys. I’ve  repurposed old pillows to make cat beds. One human’s trash can be a kitty’s treasure!



Tip #5: Reduce your chemical use.

The number of chemicals people use on a daily basis is dizzying. Curb your use of chemicals by trying some natural solutions! There are both homemade and store bought options.

Cleaning Product Alternatives

Click here for a great article from the Greatist.com on using the following items in cleaning. NoteBe careful when using essential oils around the house as many of them are toxic to cats!

Earth Day Tips for Cat Lovers Manna and Apple Cider Vinegar

Manna explores some Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Vinegar.
    The acidity of vinegar can cut through just about any mess – including soap scum and grease.
  • Lemon juice.
    This cuts through grease, but can also help you get rid of mildew and mold.
  • Olive oil.
    This works great for polishing surfaces.
  • Baking soda.
    This familiar product cleans, brightens and cuts through grease!
Alternatives for the Yard

Click here for a great article on OrganicGardening.com about maintaining a chemical free lawn and learn more about the tips below. Another great article on this subject come from The Creative Cat.

  • Change the settings on your mower.
    Cutting the grass too short can bring on an invasion of pests as well as make your lawn more susceptible to dry, hot weather.
  • Nematodes.
    These little guys are a natural way to rid yourself of certain pests.
  • Clover.
    It may seem like just a weed, but clover can help increase the nitrogen levels in your soil. When you mow over it, let the mulch fertilize your lawn.

What are you doing to help care for the environment this Earth Day?

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