I have always considered my pets to be members of my family. Cinco and Manna – they’re my furkids. Throughout the years, I’ve chronicled the journey we’ve traveled together through pictures, stories, and other mementos. It brings a smile to my face to remember all of the funny and touching things Cinco and Manna have done.

Giveaway A Pet's Life Pet Photo Frames and personalized mug

When A Pet’s Life approached me and asked if I would do this review and giveaway, I gladly accepted. A Pet’s Life is a company that provides personalized products that can help make all of your memories that much more special. While they do have plenty of  products you could enjoy with your current pets (personalized key chains, ceramic feeding dishes, collar tags, photo frames, etc) they specialize in products to help you memorialize the loss of a pet such as pet urns and memorial boxes. A Pet’s Life personalizes all of their products for free! I didn’t know about pet memorials back when I lost Obi-Wan, but A Pet’s Life has provided some beautiful new ways for me to celebrate the lives of Cinco and Manna.

Precious Personalized Products

Giveaway A Pet's Life Personalized cat mug

I’m loving my “Cinco & Manna” mug!

One of the products I received from A Pet’s Life is a really cool cat-themed mug. The mug is white with fancy black and gray writing with words like “Purr,” “Companion,” “Kitty,” “Best Friend,” and “Playful.” In the front of the mug is a black square where they place my personalized message “Cinco & Manna.” I have already run this mug through the dishwasher and it came out great. The writing didn’t come off or fade at all (I have had this happen with personalized mugs in the past).

I also received 2 beautiful black 4X6 pet photo frames from A Pet’s Life. They are made of a  quality leather/vinyl material. The “glass” in the frame is plexiglass, which is nice because it is easy to clean, but not so easy to break.  I have chosen a “landscape” orientation for both of my frames, but they can also sit in a “portrait” orientation.  There are holes in the frames so that they can be hung on the wall too.  Each frame came with a silver tone personalized plate for me to place on the frame wherever I felt it was most appropriate. One of my personalized plates says “Cinco” and the other says “Manna”.

Giveaway A Pet's Life Pet Photo Frames

Cinco Portrait Orientation

“Portrait” orientation of the frame.
Manna says “Mommy, why is Cinco sideways?”

The Giveaway

Giveaway A Pet's Life Pet Photo Frame Cinco

Cinco’s Personalized Pet Photo Frame

A Pet’s Life wants me to give away 1 personalized pet photo frame to each of 2 winners! Frames come in Brown, Black, Honeynut, and Pearl as well as 3X3 and 4X6 options. The winners get to choose the style and color that they want (click here to view images of the frames). Of course, the personalization of the frames is chosen by the winners. For more information on A Pet’s Life, visit them at http://www.a-pets-life.com .

Entries for this giveaway can be made through Monday, April 28, 2014 at 11:59 PM (EST). Giveaway winners will be notified by email. Winners will need to provide a U.S. mailing address to receive the prize. Playful Kitty will be sharing this information with A Pet’s Life as they will be shipping the prize. Due to restrictions with shipping, this giveaway is only open to U.S. residents.  Use the Rafflecopter app below to enter!

Disclosure: A Pet’s Life gave me 2 personalized pet photo frames and a personalized mug as compensation for doing this review and giveaway. 

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