Tuesday’s post was about Simple & Inexpensive DIY projects for cats. As promised, I tried one of them out. It turned out great! Sorry, no funny Pinterest-fail photo for today. Maybe I will try cooking something I found on Pinterest so I can get one of those photos for you (I’m a horrible cook). Today, I would like to share with you the DIY project I made and how I made it.

Here’s the finished product

Pet Bed Intro

What stuff is needed?

Pet Bed Materials

Not featured in the photo: a ruler and a piece of cardboard, construction paper or other stiff, but cut-able material.

You can use just one color of fleece, but most people use 2 colors just for flair. I chose to do a pet bed using our 2 favorite kitty-themed sports teams; the Detroit Lions and the Detroit Tigers (yes we live in Detroit).  I had just gotten new pillows for my bed, so  I decided to re-purpose my old king-sized pillow for this project.

You need to purchase enough fabric to cover your pillow (both sides) and make the ties. The ties will require at least 4″-5″ of material one every side of the pillow. In my project, the pillow was 34″ across, so I decided that I would need a yard and a half of  each color of fabric. It is easier to get too much and cut off what you don’t need than it is not to have enough material to work with.

Step 1: Line up your pieces of fabric and make sure they are even.

You will need 2 pieces of fleece fabric that can line up exactly on top of one another. Just spread out one piece of fabric on the floor or table and place the other one on top of it. For this step it doesn’t really matter which side of Fabric 1 faces which side of Fabric 2.

Pet Bed 1

Step 2: See how your pillow fits on the fabric.

Pet Bed 2

Measure things out to figure out  if you need to cut your fabric down or not. Visualize how things will fit together. When I took a look at how my pillow fit on the fabric I bought, I realized I had enough to make 2 pet beds! Yay! Cinco and Manna were pretty happy about that.

Step 3: Cut the material to the appropriate size for the pillow.

Pet Bed 3

Be sure to leave enough material on the edges to make the ties! I placed the pillow in between the 2 pieces of fabric and smoothed the top layer around the outside of the pillow. I wanted to make the ties about 4″ long, so I measured that out from the edge of the pillow and made a mark on the fabric so I would know where to cut. Then I took the pillow out and smoothed the 2 pieces of fabric back on top of one another again and cut them according to marks I made.

Step 4: Cut squares out of the corners of the fabric.

Pet Bed 4 B

Pet Bed 4

Using the piece of cardboard (or other stiff cut-able material)  make a guide square for the squares you will cut out of the corners. The dimensions of the guide square are the same as the length of the ties you want. I wanted 4″ ties, so my guide square was 4″X 4″.  Before you start cutting, make sure the back sides of the fabrics are touching. You want the outsides of the fabric facing out when you are finished. Cut a square out of all 4 corners of the fabric.

Step 5: Cut fringes for the ties.

Pet Bed 5

Pet Bed 5 B

Go around the edges of the fabric and cut straight lines going into the center of the fabric. I chose to make my ties about an inch (I didn’t really measure) wide. Cut them as deep as you cut the square in the corresponding corner. Go all the way around the edges of the fabric.

Step 6: Tie your ties.

Pet Bed 6

Tie each fringe from Fabric 1 together with the corresponding fringe from Fabric 2. I used a simple double knot. Cross Tie 1 over Tie 2, take Tie 2 down and through the middle and pull tight. Repeat and you will have a double knot like I used. The edges will scrunch together a bit as you tie all the ties. You can place the pillow between the 2 pieces of fabric at any point during this process. Just make sure you don’t wait until the untied section of your fabric is too small for the pillow to fit through. Knot your ties all the way around.

Ta-Da! The finished no-sew pet bed!

Both of these were finished in about 2 hours. Of course, it may have been sped along by my incredible kitty-helpers 😉  They are both Tigers on one side and Lions on the other. This is the sort of project that dogs could benefit from too!

Pet Bed 7