The long cold winter is finally starting to give way to the coming of spring. Like most people, I look forward to the warmer weather and the blooming flowers. However, flowers are not the only thing that warmer weather brings, fleas will be popping up too. Preventing flea infestations on your cat and in your house is really important for the health of your pets and family. Stop infestations before they start because is a lot of work to get rid of them once they are there.

Tip #1: Keep your cat indoors.

Fleas live and breed outdoors (when they have a choice). Cats that go outside are at much greater risk of encountering fleas. Keeping your cat indoors could keep your cat from ever coming into contact with fleas.

Tip #2: Get flea treatments for all of your pets.

Flea prevention for cats No Fleas Please

Stop a flea infestation before it starts!

There are a few ways that a cat that is kept indoors can become infested with fleas.

  • If you have both cats and dogs, the dogs could bring fleas inside to your cats.
  • Visiting pets could bring fleas into your home and transfer them to your cat.
  • Fleas that happen to snag a ride on you or your clothing can also end up on your cat.

There are a variety natural and chemical (Frontline, Revolution, etc) flea prevention treatments available. Discuss a flea preventative treatment for your pets with your veterinarian. DO NOT use a treatment made for dogs on a cat. Some chemicals used in flea treatments for dogs are toxic to cats. Treating your all of your pets ensures that none of them will be bringing fleas into your home and that fleas will not be transferred to your pets.

Tip #3: Vacuum the floor and furniture.

Once fleas get in your home, they love to get into the carpet and on your upholstered furniture. Vacuuming can remove adult fleas and flea eggs from your flooring and furniture. Be sure to use the crevice tool and get all of the corners where fleas could hide. If you have reason to suspect that there may be fleas in your home, throw the vacuum bag away outdoors after vacuuming.

Tip #4: Machine wash the cat’s bedding.

Flea Prevention for Cats Manna in the laundry

Manna helping with the laundry

If there are fleas in your home, they are likely to congregate in areas your cats and other pets spend most of their time. Use high heat settings to machine wash and then dry your cat’s bedding. The heat can kill any fleas that have gotten onto the cat’s bed or blankets.


Tip #5: Keep the yard clean.

When outside, fleas like to live and breed in grassy and brush filled areas that are moist and out of the direct sunlight. Fleas won’t be as attracted to your yard if there is no tall grass or brush to hide in. Fewer fleas in your yard means few opportunities for outdoor pets to come into contact with them.

What do you do to prevent fleas in your home?