Last month I posted a few limericks about kitties and it was so fun that I thought I would do it again.  Without any further ado, I present Kitty Limericks Part Deux! Enjoy!

Kitty Limericks Manna and a Mouse

Manna brings me a mouse

The Suprise

There once was a kitty named Fred
Who caught a poor mouse by the head
He made some loud cries
And so proud of his prize
He laid it on his owner’s bed.

Waking Up With Cats


Cinco and Manna in bed

I woke at a quarter to 3
With 2 cats  sleeping on me
I gave them a nudge
But they wouldn’t budge
“Come on guys I have to pee!”

The Thief

Obi Wan Steals a Fish Stick

Obi Wan (OTRB) tries to steal a fish stick

A cat owner made fishsticks for 4
Then she went to answer the door
When the cat did this see
He left her with 3
And a trace of the 4th on the floor

A Cat’s Imagination

Cinco Staring (tagged)

Cinco staring at…nothing

My cat sits and stares at the wall
Yet I see nothing at all
It must be amazing
‘Cause she keeps on gazing
To me it just looks like the hall.

Trying Something New

Manna Disapproves

Manna disapproves

“You’ll like this” I said as I scooped
A cat treat that smelled and gooped
The cat said “To the contrary”
As she started to bury
“This reminds me of the last time I pooped.”