Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! This year I decided to let Cinco and Manna come up with their own ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts. They are pretty creative kitties! I’m sure we will be handing these out to everyone we know. 🙂

Colored Catnip Hearts

Valentines Day Cats Message Heart 1Valentines Day Cats Message Heart 3Valentines Day Cats Message Heart 2Valentines Day Cats Message Heart 5

Valentines Day Cats Message Heart 6Valentines Day Cats Message Heart 4

Amazing Homemade Gifts

Valentines Day Cats Bouquet of Mousies

A bouquet of mousies

Valentines Day Cats Eau des Chats perfume

Eau des Chats – Now you can spray yourself with your kitty’s scent. Who wouldn’t want to smell like cat all the time?

Valentines Day Cats Hairball Heart

The sculptured hairball; a true work of love.

The Artists- Cinco and Manna

Cinco & Manna Loving

What do you think ? What would your pets give you for Valentine’s Day?

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