With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, I thought it only appropriate to answer the question: Why do I love my cats? It would take volumes to express everything I love about my furkids. Cinco and Manna have brought me unfathomable amounts of joy since the day they joined my little family. Stereotypes about cats like that they are aloof or not affectionate just don’t seem to apply to my kitties. Below are just a few of the reasons that I love my cats as much as I do.

My cats are a lot like me.

Why I love my cats - Robin and Cinco laying down

Cinco and I relaxing on the couch a few years back.

Cinco, Manna and I have a lot of things in common, for example:

  • All of us would list napping as our favorite past time. In our house, it is a team sport. ๐Ÿ™‚
  • None of us like change – especially if it’s sudden.
  • We all came from bad situations; Cinco was in the hands of an animal rescuer that had lost her marbles, Manna was an abandoned baby, and I was in an abusive situation when I was younger.
  • We all have a difficult time around people who are new to us. Sadly, Manna is probably the best of the three of us at dealing with a new person. She will nervously greet people and make sure they pass her thorough inspection. Cinco hides whenever he hears someone other than Dave and I come in the door. I get nervous and clam up (or I begin rambling on and on until they think I’m weird).
  • We’re all curious about everything.

My cats show concern for me.

Why I love my cats -Manna in my Robe

Manna climbed into my robe. She was purring loudly.

It may sound silly, but it really does seem like Cinco and Manna know when something is wrong with me. Not so much in a psychic sort of way, but when I am sick or when I’m really upset they behave differently. If I am sick in bed, they seem to check on me. For the most part they won’t even leave my side, ย but they will occasionally wake up and sniff my body. ย Manna will groom me after her inspection if she can find any exposed skin. Cinco will inspect me and then paw at me until I respond to him and/or he will give me happy paws. They are great nurses! Situations where I’m upset are similar – they will inspect the tears on my face and snuggle up next to me.

My cats are my biggest fans.

Why I love my cats -Manna in my Arms

Me and Manna

Cinco and Manna love to listen to me sing, watch me dance and hear me rehearse my lines. No matter how bad I feel my performance was, they still sit attentively next to me. Whether I win or loose, they still snuggle me and purr. As I blog every night they sit here next to me. My faults don’t matter to them. No matter what other see in me or I see in myself, Cinco and Manna just see their mommy – one of the two greatest humans on earth. ย They just say it more like “Feed me and let me sit in your lap! I need you to pet me the way that only you do and rub my full belly.”

What things do you love about your cats (or other pet)?