Once again I’m taking a little time to show off my creative side.  Cinco and Manna inspire me in a lot of different ways.  In my post Unforgettable Kitty Moments #recipeformoments (published this past Saturday), I describe just a few of the moments that have really impacted me.  Today’s post is much lighter – some goofy little limericks about cats.

Cat Owner Privacy

A cat owner really should know

Cats follow wherever you go

If you try to go pee

They all want to see

You might as well make it a show.

Kitty Cat Limericks Cinco and Manna Faces

Manna and Cinco “the stare”

Cat Traps

There once was a cat very tall

Who spotted a box very small

He knew he could fit

And determined to sit

He squeezed himself into a ball.

Kitty Cat Limericks Cuddles in a Box

Cousin Cuddles in a little box
Cuddles went OTRB this past summer

For the Love of Mice

In the night oft’ I  do rouse

To find my cat running the house

She sings every morning

And without a warning

She brings me her favorite toy mouse

Kitty Cat Limericks Manna licking a mouse

Manna enjoying a toy mouse

The Shelf Game

On a shelf sat knick-knacks galore

And not the kind easily to bore

The cat made a game

And down each one came

Saying “I’ve decorated the floor!”

Kitty Cat Limericks Cinco on a shelf

Cinco knocking things off of his daddy’s dresser.

Do you have kitty cat limericks to share? I would LOVE to see them. 🙂