I was just sitting there in my apartment when all of the sudden that evil little devil known only as “The Red Dot” appeared and attacked me! He cackled and in his most evil of voices announced “Haha! Now Playful Kitty shall be mine! All will know the power of The Red Dot!”

“Oh no!” I cried. “You will never win Red Dot! You will never win! Somebody save me!”

Robin and the Red Dot

*Cue Theme Music*

This is a job for :

The Playful Kitty Revengers

“Look it’s Mighty Manna and Super Cinco!” I said. “The Playful Kitty Revengers!”

“You will never stop me Playful Kitty Revengers!” The Red Dot said and he laughed his evil laugh.

“Your days are numbered, Red Dot!” said Mighty Manna. She swooped in and chased him all over the carpet, moving with incredible ease from right to left.  Finally she cornered the Red Dot between her paws.

Mighty Manna Taunting the Red Dot

Mighty Manna lifted her paw to strike the final blow when the Red Dot made his escape. He always was a crafty little critter.

“Ta-ta Mighty Manna!” Said the Red Dot as he climbed up onto the white chair.

“Oh no you don’t!” Said Super Cinco landing squarely on top of the Red Dot while he was still looking back at Mighty Manna.  “Nobody messes with my Mommy!”

“Mouses!” The Red Dot exclaimed. “My evil plan has been foiled again by you pesky kitties!”

Super Cinco gave blew one of his Super Raspberries at the Red Dot to seal the defeat.

“Until we meet again Revengers!” The Red Dot said as he faded out of sight.

Super Cinco Taunting the Red Dot