On Wednesday, we published our very first Niptoon and the response was amazing! Cinco and Manna were overwhelmed with all of the compliments that they received.  They are pretty sure that they want to do another one soon and probably once per month (or more) after that! Yay for Niptoons!

The Photobomber

Creating the first Niptoon took a pretty long photo shoot (52 photos).  After all of the editing was done and the post was published, it turned out there was a photobomer in the Niptoon – and everyone was asking about him!


That’s right! Do not adjust your monitors! You really are seeing a giant mousie in this photo with Manna.  Isn’t he cute? There were several requests for more information about Cinco and Manna’s giant mousie, so we thought we’d share with everyone!

All the Juicy Details

We purchased the giant mousie at a local thrift store several months ago. It was barely used and we thought that Cinco and Manna would love it; We were right! This has become one of their favorite toys. The actual name of this toy is the Scratch, Rattle, and Roll by a company called Four PawsIt can be found for sale on Amazon for $19.99 + shipping.  


Official photo from Four Paws

Official photo from Four Paws

  • It is made of a durable carpet-like material.
  • It is weighted on the bottom (belly side) with a material that feels like sand. The total weight is about 2 pounds (.9 kg).
  • Most of the mouse’s back is a catnip-infused scratcher.
  • The ears make a great crinkle noise when they are touched.
  • The end of the tail has bells enclosed inside.
  • Elastic cord under the mouse’s nose for hanging on a door or wall.


This mouse does seem to be a durable and appropriate cat toy. The sand-like substance seems to be locked away under a few layers of the material so that it won’t easily be scratched out of the toy. The seams in the material are well-sown; The eyes, ears, nose, elastic cord, and tail all seem to be firmly attached. There are no small parts for the cat to choke on, however, there are 2 small tags on one side that could be removed. The mouse is plush, but firm, and has no parts that could cut or stab the cat.

Cinco & Manna’s Assessment

Scratch Rattle and Roll Cinco Licking

Cinco giving the mouse a lick.

When we first brought this mousie home, we hung it on a door knob to see if Cinco and Manna would prefer it there. Both Cinco and Manna were curious about the mousie, but seemed  a little confused as to what they were supposed to  do with it.  As soon as we took it off the doorknob and put it on the floor, the fun began.  Cinco and Manna were immediately drawn to the catnip scratcher.  Of course, we add our own catnip to it all the time just to keep things fresh and fun.

Scratch Rattle and Roll Manna gets the tail

Manna attacking the mouse’s tail.

The cats each have their favorite things about their mousie. Cinco loves to lick and bite the scratcher. Manna loves to grab onto the mouse and wrestle with it.  They both love when we use the elastic to slowly drag the mouse along the floor so they can attack the tail. They also enjoy the sound of the crinkling ears, but they haven’t figured out how to play with those themselves yet (we’re working on it 🙂 ).  Whenever Dave or I crinkle the mouse’s ears, Cinco and Manna come running! This has been a great toy for us to use to interact with the cats. The cats also play with it independently and cuddle it as well.

Scratch Rattle and Roll Cinco and Manna

Cinco and Manna inspecting the mouse together.

Note: Playful Kitty was not compensated for reviewing this product. We just happen to like it and thought everyone would like to know a little more!