“The righteous care for the needs of their animals,  but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel.” – Proverbs 12:10 (NIV)

Kitty Rescued from Drain Pipe

In a world that is so filled with hate, it is refreshing to see people who will go out of their way to help an animal. Choosing to help a person (or purrson) in need even though that  person you are helping can offer nothing in return says a lot about the virtue of  your character.  Such acts of kindness restore faith in humanity to everyone who sees them. Thank you to everyone who takes the time out of their busy lives to help out animals in need!

Everybody needs a hero sometimes. Cats often  find themselves in dangerous situations most often because of their endless curiosity, but also because of human cruelty and poor planning.  Below are 4 heartwarming cat rescues caught on video (less than 3 minutes each).

Disclaimer: Playful Kitty is not responsible for the oozing of cuteness from your computer screen. You are viewing adorable kitty videos at your own risk!

Heartwarming Rescue #1:

A woman in Florida began hearing strange noises coming from inside her walls. Using a knife, she cut a hole in her wall only to find a young kitten who had been trapped back there.

Heartwarming Rescue #2:

The Michigan Humane Society is called in to rescue a kitten stuck in a drain pipe beside a house.  It takes several different people and tools to reach the kitten, but the Humane Society officers never give up on the precious little darling.

Heartwarming Rescue #3:

A fireman with a helmet cam records the discovery of an unconscious kitten found while putting out a house fire. In an act of kindness the fireman revives the kitten with some water and an oxygen mask.

Heartwarming Rescue #4:

A cruel prank leaves a kitten stuck in dry cement up to its head in a pipe at a construction site. Construction workers with hearts of gold chisel away at the cement to rescue the cat.