Today we’re taking a look back at the beginnings of the kitties that inspire Playful Kitty. A lot of their story can be seen on the About Me page.

A Tribute to Obi- Wan

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This is the story I haven’t told. Obi-Wan is not included on the About Me page, so many of you may not know who he is. Not too long after Dave and I got married a friend gave us our first cat, Obi-Wan. He was a year-old ball of energy. Everything he did was funny. He would roll around on the floor to greet us when we came home. Once he stole a pierogie off of my plate when I left the room and dragged it down the hallway. He would fall asleep on the back of the couch and sleep so deeply that he would roll off the back of it.

Unfortunately, Obi started getting frequent bladder infections and nothing we tried would change it. We bought the expensive food from the vet, gave him pills, and the whole she-bang. He’d seem okay for a week or two and then it would start all over. It was around October or November when the trouble started and by Februrary his bladder ruptured and our only option was to have him put down.  He wasn’t quite 2 years old.

The veterinarian said that he had a rare disorder and there wasn’t anything that we could have done. Personally, I think she said that to calm me down (I was quite hysterical). I’ve learned so much more about cats and nutrition now because of the curiosity Obi’s illness instilled in me, but that’s a whole other blog post.  Have no fear, the sun is shining past the rainbow bridge!

Thanks Obi-Wan for the joy you brought us in the short time you were here with us. We will always love you!

Baby CincoCinco

This little fuzzball should be a little more familiar. The photo is of Cinco when we first got him –  16 weeks old! He is still the same guy that he was when we first brought him home – sweet, cautious, and totally attached to me.

That first day Cinco wouldn’t go anywhere if he couldn’t see me.  He made these ever-growing spirals around me mapping out the apartment. Then he discovered the full-length mirror in the hallway. He attacked that mirror cat with full force – puffy tail and all. He gave that mirror the evil eye when he passed it for a long time after that.


Take a look at this little one! This is Manna at 3 weeks old. She just showed up at my dad’s doorstep one day (a little over a year after we adopted Cinco). Needless to say, she required a little mothering. She loved her big brother Cinco right away (he was not so certain about her).  Manna has always been loud, adventurous, and social.

Manna taught us to keep our toilet lid closed. When we first got her we kept her in the bathroom because she had fleas and was too young to be tested for FeLV. She was so small that the bathroom was a wonderland to her. One day we heard this fierce meowing coming from the bathroom only to find that Manna had climbed into the toilet and was too little to get out again. She was a mad kitty!