111113burnedcat2Prick up your ears and keep your eyes open for two “men” (I will use this word in quotes as not to offend any actual men who read this ) who are wanted by the PSPCA for setting a cat on fire. That’s  right – on Sunday they doused the cat with “an accelerant” and lit the poor thing on fire, leaving it to die on the streets of Philadelphia.  This poor kitty is alive and recovering though it  suffers from burns over 60 – 65% of its body. The owners of the cat have been located, but since it has been missing from its home for a few months, it is not certain whether it will be going back to that home or be put up for adoption.

111113burnedcat1The PSCPA rescued the cat after an eye witness reported seeing the cat on fire. The eye witness saw the two “men” holding the cat up and light the cat on fire.  One of the “men” was heard saying “I put a lot of fluid on it.” Both “men” were captured by a store surveillance camera.  Both are described as being latino males in their early twenties.  The PSPCA is offering a $2,000 reward for anyone who can help identify these “men.”  If you know anything, please help get these “men” off the streets. Such blatant disregard for life is inexcusable. Send these humans to the pound.

View the video below to see  the store surveillance images of the “men”.  Call 866-601-SPCA with any information you may have.

UPDATE: After I wrote this article I found a news article that said that the PSCPA thinks they may know who the “men” are and the police are executing a search warrant on a Philadelphia home.  Still, if you know anything that may assist the PSCPA or police, please call 866-601-SPCA .