Times are tough for everyone these days. It seems like money just gets tighter and tighter. Here in the U.S. recent financial down turns have forced many people to downsize their way of life. This downsizing has lead to thousands of perfectly happy, healthy cats (and other pets) being turned over to rescue groups, abandoned to the streets, or euthanized.  Often the cats that are abandoned to the streets end up being eutheanized by local animal control shelters.

For the majority of cat owners, giving up a cat because of finances is a painstaking decision. Charitable organizations are stepping up to the plate so that cat owners don’t have to part with their cat. These organizations hope to prevent the needless euthanization of pets due to the owner’s financial status.

There Is Help Available

If you or someone you know may have to euthanize or relinquish ownership of a cat due to financial hardship, check out these “paw”some national – level organizations. Most of these organizations help dogs as well! Spread the news!

The Brown Dog Foundation

Financial Assistance for Pets - Brown Dog Foundation

The Brown Dog Foundation helps dog and cat owners with the cost of veterinary treatment. Based on the tragic life story of a dog named Chip, they don’t want to see any pet owner choose to put down their pet over the cost of treatment. When an application is approved, the Brown Dog Foundation will pay up to 75% of the veterinary costs.

Pet Food Stamps

Financial Assistance for Pets - Pet Food Stamps

Pet Food Stamps helps pet owners who receive government assistance (food stamps, social security, medicaid, etc) with purchasing pet food.  They would like to bridge the gap for pet owners who use food stamps since those food stamps can not be used to purchase pet food. Pet Food Stamps is NOT a government funded program.

Pets of the Homeless

Financial Assistance for Pets - Pets of the Homeless

Pets of the Homeless services both the US and Canada. About 10% of the homeless population has pets. Pets of the Homeless receives pet food donations from the public and uses other organizations that already distribute supplies to the homeless (rescue missions, homeless shelters, soup kitchens, etc), to distribute pet food to homeless people who have pets. They also host “Wellness Clinics” where they sponsor veterinarians to go into places frequented by the homeless to provide routine medical care, vaccinations, and spay/neuter clinics for the pets of the homeless.

Cats In Crisis

Financial Assistance for Pets - Cats in Crisis

Cats In Crisis helps cats only. They believe that every cat deserves a chance at life. Cats In Crisis offers financial assistance to the owners of special needs cats to off-set the costs of veterinary treatments.

The Big Hearts Fund

Financial Assistance for Pets - Big Hearts Fund

The Big Hearts Fund is dedicated to pets with heart disease. Approved applicants will receive financial assistance toward veterinary treatment of heart disease. They also supply a wealth of information about heart disease for those interested in learning about it.

The Dog and Cat Cancer Fund

Financial Assistance for Pets - Dog and Cat Cancer Fund

Dog and Cat Cancer Fund – This organization helps make cancer treatment more affordable for dog and cat owners who need assistance. They work directly with the veterinarian to reach a workable price.

Want More?

The above is just a sampling of the help that is available to cat owners. For a more complete listing of national organizations, organizations on the state level, and a list of veterinary schools that might be able to help, visit this link: the Humane Society of the US .  Want to help out? All of these organizations are funded by donations from the public. Each of the sites offers ways that you can donate or volunteer.