This Spooky Kitty Video is a little more humorous than scary.  In 1985, famed cartoonist Jim Davis released a Halloween special featuring his most famous cartoon – Garfield the cat. Garfield’s Halloween Adventure (originally titled Garfield in Disguise) won a prime time Emmy the year it was released. Lorenzo Music was the famous voice behind Garfield, Thom Huge voiced Jon Arbuckle and Binky the Clown, and Lou Rawls provided the music.

The clip below takes place while Garfield and Odie are out trick-or-treating. Garfield has convinced Odie that dogs go trick-or-treating to help gather candy for cats, and if the dog does well, then he will receive his own piece of candy. While walking in the neighborhood, Odie becomes afraid of the children walking around in costumes. Garfield explains to Odie that they are just kids and removes the mask of one trick-or-treater  to reveal a kid’s face. Garfield moves on to show Odie what is behind the other masks and gets a few surprises.

Click the link below to watch a lower quality version of the entire Garfield’s Halloween Adventure Special .
Garfield’s Halloween Adventure (1985)