salvador Dali & CatsSalvador Dali was a surrealist painter and eccentric artist that dabbled in various art forms. Born in Spain (near the border of France) in 1904, Dali was born to a middle-class family. Dali was already attending drawing school by the age of 12 and had his first exhibition in 1919. By 1922, he was studying art in Madrid and he experimented with cubism before being expelled in 1926.

With World War II moving toward Spain, Dali packed up and moved to the United States in 1934. He became known for his outlandish public appearances and constant self-contradictions. Dali became fascinated with science and psychology, His art became so popular that he was accused by some other artists of being a sell-out. Over his lifetime Dali met and worked with many of the most famous people of his time; Sigmund Freud, Pablo Picasso, Walt Disney, Coco Chanel, Sonny and Cher, Alfred Hitchcock, Mia Farrow, and more.

In the 1960’s Dali acquired his beloved pet cat- and ocelot named Babou. From that point on, Babou went with Dali wherever he went. He even brought Babou to restaurants with him! If someone was afraid of Babou, Dali would tell them that Babou was just a regular cat that he had painted a design on.

Dali AtomicusSalvador_Dali_A_(Dali_Atomicus)_09633u

This crazy photo from 1948 is not photoshopped. In fact, this version is unretouched (the version that appeared in Time Magazine had been retouched). It is a work of artistic collaboration between Salvador Dali and photographer Philip Halsman that explores suspension. Not too long before the photo was taken a physicist had just announced that all matter is in a constant state of animation. The photo took 28 shots (with Halsman needing to stop and develop the film between each) to get the perfect composition. No cats were harmed in the making of the photo, though they were a bit shaken. Assistants caught and soothed the cats after each shot.

Cinquenta, Tiger Real

This crazy painting is composed of 50 abstract paintings when viewed up close. Step a litter further out and it becomes three Chinese characters. Step out a little further yet and you see the head of the royal tiger.

cinquenta ,Tiger Real