Sadly, jerky treats made of chicken, duck, sweet potato, and dried fruit have been making thousands of animals sick. Around 3,600 pets have become ill from these treats suffering from gastrointestinal problems and kidney failure. Even worse, 580 pets have died. While this effects mostly dogs, at least 10 cats have also fallen ill after consuming the treats. The FDA is still stumped as to what exactly is causing the problem, though it appears to have to do with treats manufactured in China. Some sneaky brands that use Chinese manufacturing have removed their “Made in China” label and replaced it with labels saying “Packaged in Canada.” Several major brands have voluntarily recalled their treats until the FDA completes its investigation.

If you one of your pets or the pet of someone you know has become ill after eating jerky treats, the FDA would like to know. They are reaching out to the public to try and gather as much information about the tainted treats as possible. Be sure to keep any of the remaining treats to bring to your veterinarian.

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 USA Today “Why are jerky treats killing pets? FDA asks for help.

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