Which Mythological Cat are You? Quiz

Author: Robin

Silly Kitty Arguments

Niptoons Presents: “Silly Kitty Arguments” Starring: Manna, Dexter, the catnip banana, and Wobbert the treat dispensing toy Do your pets ever use creative tactics to trick each other? This is a Blog...

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Which Mythological Cat are You? With Interact Quiz Review

It is time for some fun and games! Manna, Dexter, and I used the Interact Quiz Builder to create a quiz that will help you to learn a little more about cats in mythology. Take the quiz below and tell us about your results in the comment section below. We’d love to know what you think! If you are curious, read on below the quiz to learn more about the Interact Quiz Builder. The Mythological Cat Quiz The Interact Quiz¬†Builder Interact is offering a new way for bloggers and website owners to build their email lists. The Interact Quiz...

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Funny Cat Picture: Cupboard Raiders

My cats know what they want and they know how to get it. Manna and Dexter have been working as a team to satiate all of their kitty desires since Dexter was just a little kitten. It was amazing to watch them work together to open the pantry and get to the cat treats! These cats are smart. Manna and Dexter have a system. Manna tends to be the brains behind the operation. She knows where we hide all of the yummy stuff. Dexter is the brute strength. He can climb anything. Manna will push open the pantry door,...

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How the Victorian Era Changed Life for Cats

Does your cat get the royal treatment in your home?¬†Your cat may have the Victorian Era to thank for their lavish lifestyle. Though humans and cats have had a love affair for thousands of years (and were worshiped in Ancient Egypt), it wasn’t until the 1800’s that they began to be viewed as pets or members of the family. They were previously seen as “useful animals” that were excellent at rodent control. Queen Victoria of England, her friends, and family had a huge impact on animal rights and pet culture. Title Photo Credit: Louis Wain, public domain Queen Victoria...

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Meet the Blogger

Robin and Manna Hi! My name is Robin. I'm a creative kitty mommy that that loves laughter and education. My cats, Manna and Dexter, inspire all I do on Playful Kitty. Continue Reading

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