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Author: Robin

Becoming a Better Blogger with the BlogPaws 2017 Conference

It is almost here! The BlogPaws® 2017 Conference is being held from May 18-20, 2017, in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. This year I am both a BlogPaws 2017 Conference Ambassador and a speaker! It is possible (though I can’t make any promises yet) that Manna and Dexter will be making an appearance with me at the beautiful Sheraton Myrtle Beach Convention Center Hotel. This could be the best conference yet! Why I Chose to Be a BlogPaws 2017 Conference Ambassador   My relationship with the BlogPaws Community began only about a month after I began blogging in 2013. I...

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Funny Cat Picture: Catching a Mouse

Time for a little bit of mousing! Well, something like mousing. I have a very special way of simulating the experience of chasing a mouse that is in a hole with Manna and Dexter. We call it the “Evil Straw” game. I put two or more plastic straws together end to end and wiggle the Evil Straw around underneath a piece of furniture or blanket. Our CuddleMuffs make perfect places to hide the straw. Manna and Dexter go crazy for this game! Manna is the type of kitty that loves ground prey. She can not resist something that slithers...

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The Unique and Rare American Wirehair Cat Breed

American Wirehair cats are unique and they know it! Besides being a very rare cat breed, these kitties have a type of hair that can only be found as a part of their coats. Perhaps this is just the breed to fit with your family’s unique style! Title Photo Credit: Heikki Siltala via Catza.net (creative commons) All Natural Crimps and Curls If you are looking for a cat with a unique hairdo, the American Wirehair cat breed might be for you! Their most distinctive feature is a short coat that is full of stiff crimps and curls. The feel of...

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Meet the Blogger

Robin and Manna Hi! My name is Robin. I'm a creative kitty mommy that that loves laughter and education. My cats, Manna and Dexter, inspire all I do on Playful Kitty. Continue Reading

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