Our Christmas tree and decorations are finally up! The cats were there to help us every step of the way. Manna and Dexter made sure that us humans were doing everything up to their perfect kitty standards.

Were there technical difficulties? Oh, yes! Every year it is a bit like a scene out of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation around here. My husband invites his uncle, Dennis, over to help us with the Christmas tree’s  lights every year. They have a standard of at least 100 lights per foot. It is an important thing to them to get it just right.

Countdown to chaos! 3…2…1…

As it turns out, Dexter (the kitten) is not a big fan of the smell of tacos. On the first night of Christmas tree lighting, Dennis came over to help with the lights immediately after a shift at Taco Bell. Manna inspected him thoroughly as she would do to anyone. Dexter walked up to Dennis, smelled him, gave a terrified look and ran away. He decided to watch the events unfold from afar.

After a few blown fuses, Dennis called it a night and Dexter came out to inspect the tree. It was an immediate hit! He stared at it with amazement. I was worried that he would climb the tree, but he didn’t even try. He chewed on a branch, but basically just looked around and fell asleep.

Dexter’s look of amazement.

Two days later, all of the Christmas tree lights were finally working. Woohoo! There are 1500 lights on my 6.5 foot (198 cm) tall Christmas tree. Not all of them work, but I guess it was easier to wrap working lights around the non-working lights than to take the non-working lights off.

Ta -da! Now you can see our tree from the moon.

In the meanwhile, I put up a Christmas castle scratcher/cat house for Manna and Dexter. They absolutely love it! It is fun to watch them play in it. I took lots of photos for Dexter’s first Christmas and made an adorable video.

The cats  also love the box the castle came in. You would think it was a bit slim, but Dexter thought it was purrfect! Manna had a sneaky idea of how to make it purrfect for her as well. She’s on top in this week’s funny cat picture!

Do your cats help you with your holiday decorating?