Manna and Dexter are two very spoiled kitties. This week they have been getting in a ton of play time with me. Lots of different toys and even a few yummy treats have been coming out. I’m pretty sure that these cats own more stuff than I do! Spoiling is good for kitties, though, right? They think so.

We are working on a new video for our About page! It isn’t done quite yet, but hopefully, it will be soon. I enjoy videos and hope to use more of them (especially in our social media channels). Manna and Dexter have been working hard making sure that I get their best sides while we are filming.

Toys of all kinds are popular with my kitties. Manna is a huge fan of anything that has catnip. She has always enjoyed smaller toys that she can easily flip around. Dexter seems to be more like Cinco was – he like larger toys that he can wrestle with and bunny kick. He is also getting to enjoy puzzle toys that give him treats. I started using them a while ago because Dexter has a habit of eating treats too quickly, causing him to throw up. The jury is still out on whether or not Dexter will like catnip or not. I’m sure we will find out soon enough!

Feathers of any type are a favorite around here – big peacock feathers, little feathers attached to wands, feathers attached to toys, etc. Both Manna and Dexter go crazy for them! Manna prefers more grounded pouncing techniques. It is so cute to see her kitty smile when she gets excited!                          I’ve found out that Dexter is quite the acrobat because of his play with feathers. He does some amazing somersaults! I’ve also found that he likes to carry feathers to the top of the cat tree (it is his current favorite place for interactive play). Here he is enjoying a little feather play!


Are your cats fans of feather toys?