Cats are full of mystery. The do some strange things that no one really understands. My kitties like to stare at walls or off into the distance at things I can’t see. Are they watching particles of dust in the air? Maybe. Could there be a noise coming from the wall that human ears can’t hear? It’s possible.

In a lot of the research I’ve done about the (very untrue) belief that cats are evil, people theorize again and again that the mysteriousness of cats is to blame. Since cats do things that people don’t understand, people affiliate them with the other things they can’t understand, like hardship and disease. There doesn’t seem to be a clear turning point where cats made the switch from being worshipped as gods to being feared as witches’ familiars.

Okay, maybe I’m getting ready for Halloween a little early this year. My mind is always working ahead! Today’s funny cat picture is a much lighter and funnier version of feline mystery. It is something I simply cannot explain!

Sometimes I take a whole bunch of photos of my cats and when I look at them on the computer, I see something I didn’t notice before. When I took this photo of Dexter, there was no wind and he was not in the direct path of the air conditioning. He wasn’t running either! I looked at the photos just before and just after ( usually take a few quickly in succession) and his ears are not like this in any of them. I have no idea how this happened. His ears somehow mysteriously folded in this one photo. Perhaps it is a fashion statement on Dexter’s part? Maybe he has a secret desire to be a Scottish Fold? They are pretty popular these days!

Mystery Ears - Dexter

What do you think is going on with Dexter’s ears in this photo?