One of the things drew Dave and me to our apartment is that it is on a small lake. Every day I get to see the water just past my balcony. It is very calming and it provides a lot of entertainment for Manna. We get a lot of different waterfowl out there! There are Canadian Geese, mallards, seagulls, swans, herons, and more. Though the water is over 50 feet deep in the center, the sides of the lake are very shallow so we can even see some fish swimming in the water from our balcony from time to time.

Manna absolutely loves to sit out on our balcony and watch all of the waterfowl go about their business. It is a great spot for a kitty – a great view of birds and lots of sun puddles. A second favorite spot of Manna’s is the second level of the cat tree where she can look out the window at the lake. With Michigan’s crazy weather, sometimes an indoor view looking out is a much better idea.

As many cats do, Manna chirps at the birds outside. Dave and I have fun trying to narrate what Manna is really trying to say to the waterfowl below.

  • “Will  you be quiet! You’re interrupting my beauty sleep.”
  • “Get ’em, Oscar!” (There is a grouchy swan that is always trying to kick all of the geese out of the lake. We call him Oscar.)
  • “Hey, Momma Duck! Your baby is wandering away again.”
  • “Do any of you taste like chicken? I like chicken.”

In today’s photo, I don’t think there is any question what Manna is thinking as she stares out at the lake. Sometimes her amazing facial expressions give her true intentions away!

Tongue Roll - Manna

What do you think that Manna is saying?

The Party is Tomorrow!

Whew! The preparations are almost complete. Manna’s 9th Birthday party is a going to be a good one. My big surprise gift has turned out even better than I imagined. I can’t wait to show you all! Hope to see you tomorrow (Monday).

Manna's Birthday Party Invitation (Pinterest sized)

Manna is excited! 🙂