Big confession – I talk to my cats. Okay, so maybe that isn’t a “big” confession. They appear to listenย to me a lot of the time and often they will meow in response when I greet them. Manna loves to have “conversations” with me. Do they understand me? Probably more than I realize they do. Cats are really smart! Of course, they tend to understand more of what I’m saying when treats are involved. ๐Ÿ™‚

When the camera comes out, the cats know it is time for play and treats. They love it! I tend to talk to them while I take pictures and tell them what I want them to do (whether they understand or not) and we have fun together. One of the things I tell them is to “do something funny.” This week when I told Cinco I wanted a funny picture from him, he had a great response. In his own shy, Cinco-sort of way he made me laugh. I love his silly antics!

A Pawfect Response - Cinco

Cinco: “How’s this, Mommy? Pbbbbttttt!”

Do you talk to your cats?