Tough Decisions the Cat's Meow Awards Title

Cinco (right) and Manna are deciding which submissions to the Cat’s Meow Awards they liked the best!

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Cats are the best! They provide us with a ton of love and laughter. Cinco and Manna make me smile every single day. It is fun to share their antics with all of you too! Now thanks to the Meow Mix® Acatemy™ there is a way to share our irresistible cat moments with other cat lovers and choose the best of those moments. Cinco, Manna and I have been looking through The Cat’s Meow Awards submissions and picking our favorites!

The Cat’s Meow Awards Are Here!

The Cat’s Meow Awards are new cat-only awards hosted by Meow Mix®! These awards feature photos and videos irresistible cat moments. Why not celebrate the things that make cats so special to us? Any kitty with a human that is a United States resident (at least 18 years of age) can enter!  Here’s how it works:

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Meow Mix Irresistibles cat treats

  1. Visit the Meow Mix Acatemy™ website and submit a photo or video of your cat’s irresistible moment. Need examples? Check out a few of Cinco and Manna’s irresistible moments here.
  2. The Meow Mix team will filter through all of the submissions, determine 3 “cat-egories” and choose 5 finalists in each category.
  3. An email will be sent out to all Meow Mix Acatemy members announcing the cat-egories and allowing everyone to vote for their favorites. Join the Meow Mix Acatemy by submitting your photo or video!
  4. Winners are announced and featured on the Meow Mix Acatemy website as well as Meow Mix’s Youtube channel.

Every irresistible moment with a cat is precious, so Meow Mix makes sure that no kitty walks away from The Cat’s Meow Awards empty pawed. All of the photos and videos submitted will be posted on the Meow Mix Acatemy Gallery for everyone to see. Even better yet, for each submission of a photo or video, you will receive a coupon for a FREE bag of Meow Mix Irresistibles®.

Cycle 1 of The Cat’s Meow Awards

The first two cycles of The Cat’s Meow Awards have already been completed, but there is plenty of room to enter cycle 3. In cycle 1 the Meow Mix team had a very busy job looking at the over 25,000 submissions! Whew! In the end, only one submission from each cat-egory could be chosen as the winner of the Cat’s Meow Awards. The cat-egories of cycle 1 were Best Cat Cuddle, Best Cat-Hlete, and Wild Cat Card. And the winners are…

Best Cat Cuddle

Best Cat-Hlete

Wild Cat Card

The winners for cycle 2 have also been chosen! The cat-gories for cycle 2 were Best Kitty Hijinks, Best Cat Napper, and Wild Cat Card. To view those videos, visit the Meow Mix Acatemy.

You Be the Judge

Cinco and Manna saw the videos for The Cat’s Meow Awards and they wanted to show off some of their pawsome photos. These two fur-siblings love to compete with each other. After much consideration, we created 2 cat-egories of our own. Choose your favorites?

Best Toy Kick
Best Yawn

Who do you think won in each of Cinco and Manna’s cat-egories? Do you have a favorite from the Cat’s Meow Awards videos?